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How to Fix iPhone 11 or 12 Stuck on Preparing to Transfer

For the users who have switched to a new iPhone 11 or the latest iPhone 12, the first thing that concerns them is how...

How to Take a Screenshot on LG Smartphones

A screenshot is one of the many exciting features of modern-day mobile devices. You could be browsing through the web and see a piece...

How to Check Your Phone for Viruses

Like computers, smartphones are not immune to malware and viruses. A variety of viruses can cause unimaginable havoc. This walkthrough explains how to check...

How To Hide Apps On Your Android Devices

The idea of having to hide one's apps seems sketchy but in truth, it provides security to personal information. It's not easy hiding apps...

How to Fix the “Internet May Not Be Available” Error on Android

Are you having trouble connecting to the internet? Are you getting the “Internet May Not Be Available” error on your Android phone? If you...

4 Awesome Voicemail Apps For Android Devices

Best Android Voicemail App - Voicemail is one of the best ways to communicate during your busy time, especially when it’s impossible to type...

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