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GTA 6 Hacker Found In Small Town Hotel Room With Amazon Fire Stick


The GTA 6 hacker was found in a small town hotel room with an Amazon fire stick.

According to how it is portrayed in movies and other forms of popular culture, international cybercrime is a high-stakes game played by mysterious government organizations and state-sponsored hacker groups.

The Perceived Glamour Of Cybercrime Collides With Reality

When casting a scene in Hollywood, they will bring in a character who is seen entering an executive jet wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses and possibly carrying a silver briefcase.

The story of a British teenager who was caught leaking the closely guarded details of Grand Theft Auto 6 in a Travelodge room in Bicester, Oxfordshire brings the action from the global into the local for a Hackaday scribe.

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These things aren't supposed to happen in a cheap hotel room in your insignificant hometown. It's not exactly Vice City, but Bicester is a little town that's most known for its gaudy outlet mall and its role as a commuter dormitory station on the railway to London Marylebone.

The teenager in issue is identified as [Arion Kurtaj], and the BBC has hurriedly claimed that he is a member of the Lapsus$ gang.

Teen Hacker's Surprising Tools

Teen hacker leaked unreleased 'GTA 6' clips using Amazon Fire TV Stick
Teen hacker leaked unreleased 'GTA 6' clips using Amazon Fire TV Stick

According to HT Tech, Kurtaj who is 18 years old now has managed to get inside Rockstar Games, the firm that was responsible for creating GTA VI. Shockingly, he brazenly announced himself to be the "attacker" on the Slack channel for the company.

Strangely, the location of his hacking was a hotel room at a Travelodge, which is where the authorities had placed him since they believed he was a threat.

Hackers had published his personal information online, putting his life in jeopardy; as a result, he had been relocated there. despite the fact that internet connection was forbidden to them.

According to BBC News, Kurtaj found a clever way to circumvent this restriction by employing the use of a Fire TV Stick.

This is a sensationalist way of hyping up a group of children who are experts at computer infiltration but appear to be incompetent at being criminals.

After compromising British telecoms, he was outed by another gang and subsequently apprehended by the authorities. For his own protection, he was then transferred to the hotel.

Even though he was not permitted to use a computer, he was able to buy an Amazon Fire stick (probably from the Argos in the Sainsbury's next door) and then plug it into the television in the Travelodge.

This is where the tale becomes more interesting for followers of Hackaday. After gaining access to cloud services, possibly a virtual Linux environment or something similar, he proceeded to compromise further organizations, one of which being Rockstar Games, in order to steal the video from GTA 6, which he then leaked.

Although he has not yet been given a sentence, we believe that he will continue to serve His Majesty's pleasure for the foreseeable future.

A teenager with that level of potential apparently wasn't given the assistance and encouragement necessary by Oxfordshire's education system in order to put it to better use.

Putting aside the moment of joy in one's hometown and the sensationalist reporting, we can't help but feel sad that a teenager with that degree of talent wasn't able to put it to better use.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that the conviction he received as a teenager won't prohibit him from having a successful career in the relevant industry when he is older and wiser.

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