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Apple Watch Series 6 Features - Touch ID, Blood Oxygen Sensor

Apple doesn’t like its watches just telling time. That’d be boring. The Apple Watch Series 6 features, among other things, an app that’ll show the wearer’s blood oxygen levels.

Author:Daniel BarrettFeb 15, 2024915 Shares19057 Views
What could be the Apple Watch Series 6 featuresnow that its launch was already officially confirmed?
Apple is largely expected to debut its watchOS 7 update at the all-digital Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in Cupertino, California, in June, and new Apple Watch models will likely debut later in the year.
According to information shared by Israeli techblog The Verifier and the YouTube channel iUpdate, in 2020, watchOS 7 may finally add support for sleep monitoring and blood oxygen level detection.
It may also include these two interesting features:
  • Touch ID in the Digital Crown
  • a larger battery to the Apple Watch operating system

How The New Features Work

Apple Watch users need to punch in a passcode the first time they use their device.
Once the watch is removed from their wrist, it locks automatically.
In other words, you will have to enter your passcode every time you remove the Apple Watch and wear it on again.
Needless to say, a Touch ID, in any form, would add an extra layer of security.

Touch ID And Blood Oxygen Sensor Feature

The new update may also drop support for the Apple Watch Series 2 and include “improvements to Siri’s intelligence that will allow it to do more extension operations,” The Verifier added.
Apple may also include support for LTE and Wi-Fi 6 on the Apple Watch Series 6.
The latter feature will be especially important since current Apple Watch models require charging at least every couple of days, making sleep tracking inconvenient.

Final Words

While no significant design changes are expected for Apple Watch Series 6 model, The Verifier claims that the so-called “Apple Watch Series 7” in 2021 will feature a fingerprint sensor embedded underneath the display.
Apple is also working on other new developments for future Apple Watches, including:
  • an updated Digital Crown with touch and light sensors
  • a new type of housing made from plastic and ceramic fibers
The Apple Watch Series 6 features will definitely be worth the price.
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