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How to Get Rid of Cell Phone Static During Call

This article explains how to get rid of cell phone static during calls. Click the link to read the full guide.

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Do you hear static during a cell phone call, and you don’t know what to do to make the static noise disappear? Don’t fret. This article explains how to get rid of cell phone static during calls.
You may occasionally encounter static over the speaker when talking on your cell phone. Cell phone static can make it difficult to hear the person on the other line and prevent you from finishing an important conversation. A few problems are usually to blame for this annoyance, most of which can be corrected at home easily and quickly.

First Solution

Wipe the phone dry if you have been sweating. The sweat may enter the speaker (or headset) and create a crackling noise. You may need to wait for the device to dry before using it again.

Second Solution

Do not touch the specific area where your phone receives wireless signals. You can locate this area by looking at your phone’s manual or asking a customer service assistant at your local cell service provider. Some phones also have transparent stickers that indicate the reception area. Do not block this area with your hand while talking on the phone.

Third Solution

Stand away from microwaves. The microwave frequency can affect phone service, causing harsh static on the speaker.
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Fourth Solution

Pull your phone’s antenna all the way out if it has one. This is a simple step, though; you might overlook it in a hurry to answer your phone.

Fifth Solution

Move away from large metal devices. These objects can bounce around a signal and cause issues with the speaker and headset.

Sixth Solution

Switch to a different service provider if heavy static persists. Ensure that you will get reception at home by subscribing to phone service providers with cell towers in your area. Visit to search for providers with cell towers in your zip code area.
Cell Phone Static During Call
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