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How To Secure Your TikTok Account Login

In this article, we will enlighten you on how to be certain that your privacy is secured and your TikTok account is free from fraudsters and hackers.

Secure Your TikTok Account Login – One of the most viral social-media apps is the TikTok app for all kinds of people. With so many people, adults and kids using the app, it’s difficult keeping track of safety. In this article, we will enlighten you on how to be certain that your privacy is secured and your TikTok account is free from fraudsters and hackers.

The following steps should be taken to ensure more security

1. Set Up A Verification Code On TikTok

Launch the TikTok app on your iPhone or Android device and then open the “Me” tab in the bottom right. Next, tap the three vertical dots to open the settings menu and then tap the “Manage My Account” option.

Add your phone number and email address here. Once you’ve added this info, TikTok will automatically send you a verification code any time you try to log in using your phone number.

You’ll still be able to log in as usual with your username and password, but logging in with your phone number and verification code instead may be an easier alternative than remembering a complex and secure password.

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2. Turn On TikTok Two-factor Authenticator App

The two-factor authentication is a security feature that is common in most social-media apps nowadays. Although it is a basic form of protection, it works strongly to protect your account.

This feature requires the user to grant access on another different device whenever they log in. This way, fraudsters and hackers will not be able to proceed further even if they guess your password. This could make logging into your account less convenient but it also ensures safe and secure usage of your account.

To turn on your Two-factor Authentication, login your account and follow the steps below;

  • Press the three dots at the top of the screen to go to your settings and privacy menu.
  • Click ‘Security.’
  • Click the panel marked ‘2-step verification.’
  • Choose from ‘SMS’ or ‘Email Verification,’ and click ‘Turn on.’

You need to have either a mobile number or email address attached to your account to use these options.

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Info: When using an app in place of your mobile number as your Two-factor Authentication, you must ensure that you keep backup codes or you use the “Authy” app.

It is an authenticator app with a cloud backup. If you lose your phone without a backup of your 2FA-codes to log in, you’ll lose access to your account.

3. Keep Your TikTok Login Information Updated

Making sure your information is up-to-date is a crucial part in keeping your account secure. In the event that your account gets compromised, you should be able to prove that you are the original owner of your TikTok account.

You can do this only by providing accurate specific information.

To make sure, follow the steps below

  • Go to your settings menu
  • Click on “manage account”
  • Check your e-mail and phone number and make sure they are correct and valid

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4. Stop TikTok from Saving Login Info

TikTok will automatically save your username and password. If others ever use your phone, you can increase your security by telling TikTok to always launch without logging into your account.

To enable this setting, log in and tap the “Me” tab in the bottom right of the main screen. Select the three vertical dots in the top-right and then tap “Manage my Account”.

Deactivate the “Save Login Info” setting. Some Android, iPhone, or iPad devices may still try to save your password to that device.

5. Be Careful of the Contents You Post

Because TikTok is a short format video website, users should be careful when filming a post. It’s easy to film something then upload it without thinking, but your videos’ background details can be important.

It goes without saying that before you make any post, you should thoroughly inspect it. Make sure to avoid posting your vital information like your postal address, your house or your work place.

This to avoid situations like stalking, threats, robberies etc. Hackers could also run through such information and get a hold of your account through them

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TikTok Login

6. Control Your TikTok Privacy Settings

One of the most neglected aspects of account security is your privacy settings. On TikTok, you can adjust your privacy to make it harder for people you don’t know to gain access to your posts. This helps to stop people from gathering information about you to use when attempting to hack your account.

In your settings menu, tap ‘Privacy.’ This page is filled with options you can switch on and off, such as allowing downloads of your videos and allowing app features like duets.

The safest option is to make your account private, but this can restrict reach to other members of TikTok. At least it’s best to restrict the ability to download your video and send you direct messages.

7. Making A New, Strong Password

When you set up your TikTok account, you should be sure to use a brand new, strong password.

If you use a password from other online accounts when one becomes compromised, your new account is at risk. To avoid this, always use a brand-new password, and employ a password generator to make sure the password is strong.

If you’re worried about remembering all of your strong passwords, you can use a password manager. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are browsers that include a free password manager.

There are also paid options, such as LastPass or DashLane, that can be downloaded and used on various mobile devices.

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TikTok Login

8. How To See Who’s Using Your TikTok Account Login Information

Having suspicions and doubts about someone else using your accounts? Not to worry, you can access those who have logged into your account with a different device.

Follow these steps to see which devices have been used to log in on your account:

  • From the app’s Home screen, tap Me
  • Click on the three vertical dots
  • Select Manage My Account
  • Go to Security. Any additional security alerts or warnings will be presented on this screen.
  • Select “Your Devices” to explore all the logged-in devices that your account has been used on.

TikTok is for sharing, so its security isn’t quite as tight as apps that store more private information. While that may change in the future, these settings can help you keep a closer eye on anyone who may be trying to access your account.


TikTok is designed for sharing content, so it can be argued that its security isn’t quite as tight as other Applications that store more sensitive information. This could change in the Future though but before that, these steps listed above should help curb any unwanted disturbances.

All that one needs to ensure safety and precaution is plain intuition. To avoid security breach, one should set measures in place. Like they say, Prevention is really better than cure.

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