Sunday, July 3, 2022
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How To Easily Factory Reset Your PS4

In this article, we will be talking about how to factory reset your PS4.

Technology isn’t perfect, including our gaming systems. It’s always terrible to get into a game only to have it freeze right before hitting that checkpoint. If your PS4 is crashing on you, experiencing all sorts of glitches, freezes, save errors, connectivity issues, etc. These frustrating experiences happen to many PS4 users. The simple way to fix them is a complete Factory reset. In this article, we will be talking about how to factory reset your PS4.

How To Factory Reset Your PS4

Factory resetting a PlayStation 4 will erase all of the data on the console, from saving info to images and videos and more, so make sure you back up your console before doing a reset.

However, you can also use a flash drive to copy saves if you aren’t a PS Plus member. Follow the highlighted steps below to factory reset your PS4.

  • In the Settings menu, go to the “Initialization” tab.
  • Select “Initialize PS4.
  • On the next page, choose “Full.”

Note: Your PlayStation 4 will now begin to wipe itself clean, restoring the hardware to its never-used, fresh-from-the-factory settings. The process may take more than an hour.

How To Factory Reset Your PS4 Through Your PlayStation 4 Dashboard

  • Sign in to your PS4 and head to the settings menu.
  • Locate and select the settings menu and find the option for Account Management.
  • Note: You’ll want to deactivate the machine as your primary PlayStation 4. That setting allows you to play downloaded games offline by identifying this particular PS4 as yours. Miss this step, and you’ll encounter many other problems when you sign on to your new console and try to play your games.
  • Go to Activate as Your Primary PS4 to deactivate your PlayStation.
  • Sign back in with your user account to take the final steps.
  • Locate and Click on Initialization, and you’ll be presented with a few more options.
  • Choose Full on the Initialize screen.
  • Once you’ve initialized the wipe, the PS4 will show you how it will take. This might take longer than that.

When it’s done, please turn on your console the same way you did the first time you turned it on.

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