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How to Fix It When You’re Not Receiving Texts on Android


It isn’t very pleasant to find out your family, co-workers, and business associates are using another possible method to connect or communicate with you. However, you notice this is happening due to missing, delaying, or not receiving a text message. In this article, we will be walking you through how to fix it when you’re not receiving texts on Android.

How to Fix It When You’re Not Receiving Texts on Android

The following highlighted steps are the troubleshooting tips to get rid of any possible error stopping your Android device from receiving texts. Follow that method without skipping any to learn why and which methods work for you:

1. Disabling Battery Optimization for Messaging App

Android feature known as battery optimization is designed to optimize battery usage to provide longer battery life. This is to stop some functions or deactivate some applications running in the background. How we suggest, you Disable Battery Optimization for Messaging App.

  • Launch your Settings app on your Android device.
  • Locate the Device Maintenance Tap and select “Battery “ or “Battery Optimization.”
  • Then, navigate downward to locate the menu “Always Sleeping Apps.”
  • Choose “Messaging App” out of all listed applications.
  • Now, turn off the power saver mode option in your messaging.
  • Then, restart the device before you start texting again.

2. Check for blocked numbers.

Sometimes this problem may affect just one number. We suggest you select the number and check if it’s on your block list. This might be why you’re contacted that you can’t be reached with your phone. You may have mistakenly blocked a number without your knowledge.

3. Check the network connection.

A mobile network is another case that can stop you from sending or receiving messages. If you notice your mobile network bar is not full like it used to be, then take a walk around to see if there’s any improvement.

4. Deleting App Cache

The primary assignment on your smartphone is to save some data from a visited website, search, and applications to your storage space. This is to speed up your browsing time and load any already visited page very quickly.

However, cached data can be corrupted for some reason, which might be the cause of interference with other system processes on your Android phone. So, follow the below steps to delete the app cache and see if the problem is solved:

  • First, launch your Settings app on your Android device.
  • Locate the menu “Applications.”
  • Now, navigate to “Messaging” and click on it.
  • Next, tap the “Storage” option.
  • Next, choose ”Clear Cache.”
  • Then, try to restart your device again.

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