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How to Set Up Your New Chromecast

In this guide, we explain how to set up your new Google Chromecast

How To Set Up Your New Chromecast – In a world where cable is falling to the wayside and streaming services are expanding, many people need a bridge between their non-smart TVs and the content they want to stream.

Chromecast, like other streaming devices such as the Fire Stick, plugs directly into your TV, effectively turning it into a smart TV.

Once you plug Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port, that HDMI channel becomes a hub where you can cast anything from your phone or computer to your TV – Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, even picture slideshows – if you see the little cast icon in the corner when you watch on your device, you can cast it to your Chromecast. Here’s how to set it up.

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How to Set Up Your New Chromecast

  • Plug your Chromecast into your TV and download the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.
  • Open the Google Home app and tap the devices button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Tap “Set Up” under the option for your Chromecast and follow the prompts.
    • With the setup prompt on your TV screen, you can grab your phone or tablet and connect to the Chromecast to complete the setup process. Depending on which generation of Chromecast you have, the connecting-to bit is slightly different, so pay close attention to the next section.
  • The next step is to connect to your Chromecast. Although the setup process is largely identical for all versions of the Chromecast, there is one big difference between setting up a first-generation Chromecast (which is a longer dongle with a thumb-like shape) and the subsequent generations (shaped like discs), so listen closely to save yourself a lot of frustration.
    • The second-generation Chromecast and the Chromecast Ultra both support Bluetooth. So when you plug in a new or factory reset second generation or Ultra model and start the setup process with the Google Home app, you will be connected over Bluetooth immediately. If it doesn’t, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
    • However, if you have a first-generation Chromecast, you’ll need to connect to the temporary ad-hoc Wi-Fi network it creates. Open your phone or tablet’s Wi-Fi settings and search for a network with the unique name we noted above. In the case of our demo model here, that’s the “Chromecast0082.b” network seen below.
    • It’s worth noting that the ad-hoc Wi-Fi network is also the fallback method for the newer generations too. So if, for any reason, you get an error during a Bluetooth-based setup process on a newer model, you can always open up the Wi-Fi menu on your phone and use the old Wi-Fi method.
    • Once you’re connected, continue to the next step.
  • With your Chromecast connected to your phone, it’s time to fire up the Google Home app and finish the configuration process. Most of the time, you’ll be automatically prompted to begin the setup process right when you open the app, but if you aren’t, don’t worry. Instead, tap the device icon in the upper right corner.
  • Devices needing set up are grouped at the top of the screen. Confirm the Chromecast identifier on your phone matches the identifier displayed on your TV and tap “Set Up.”
  • Next, the setup app will beam a confirmation code to your TV—the folks at Google are very serious about making sure you’re setting up the right Chromecast. Confirm that you see the code by tapping “I See It.”
  • Next, you’ll be prompted to select your region (e.g., United States). Click “Continue.”
  • You’ll be prompted to name your Chromecast. By default, it has a randomly generated name (e.g., “Chromecast0089”), but the best thing to do is to name it by the room it’s in (e.g., “Living Room” or “Bedroom”) for ease of use.
    • In addition to naming it, you can also choose whether or not your Chromecast will send crash reports to Google and whether or not Guest Mode is enabled.
  • Once you’ve selected, click “Continue” and then plug in the credentials for the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect the Chromecast to. For example, if you have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your home, put the Chromecast on the Wi-Fi network you usually use on your phone or tablet because that’s what you’ll be casting from.

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How to Cast to Your Chromecast Via a Computer

  • On your computer, go to your Google Chrome web browser.
  • Open and play the piece of media you’d like to cast.
  • Click the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser.
  • Click “Cast”
  • In the dropdown menu, select your Chromecast device, and the entire browser tab should now cast to your TV.

How to Cast to Your Chromecast Via a Mobile Device

  • On your mobile device, open and play the piece of media you’d like to cast.
  • In the top left corner of the screen, tap the cast icon – it looks like a television with a Wi-Fi symbol in the corner.
  • To begin casting, select the name of your Chromecast device from the menu of available devices.

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