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Google Chromecast Vs Roku: Which Streaming Device Is Best For You

In this article, we'll be comparing Google Chromecast vs Roku. Here are some of the differences that set these two streaming devices apart.

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Google Chromecast Vs Roku– When it comes to video-streaming devices, we’re spoilt for choice. Among the lots, some are worth investing in. Google’s Chromecast and Roku are excellent examples.
Both Chromecast and Roku are popular video-streaming devices that have consistently added features and software updates to improve functionality. These are simple, reliable, convenient, and robust devices that stream entertainment directly to a TV.
In this article, we’ll be comparing Chromecast vs. Roku. Here are some of the differences that set these two streaming devices apart.

Google Chromecast Vs Roku: Setup

Roku’s setup guidesyou step-by-step, clarifying what you’re doing and why. It requires creating a Roku account, then linking it with PayPal or a credit card to purchase content.
Google’s Chromecast setup is simple. Plug the device into an available HDMI port, log in to your Google account through the Google Home app, and connect your Chromecast to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Google Chromecast Vs Roku: Ease of Use

Roku’s remote is easy to use and intuitive, and app use is optional for setting up and navigation. It’s easy to navigate through Roku’s stacked screen of channels and apps to deliver streaming content. The Roku remote and the official app are intuitive, using a familiar D-pad and OK button.
Watching with Chromecast requires an app for that channel or an app on the phone.
Unlike Roku, Chromecast doesn’t have a remote. Instead of one space where you choose what to watch, you cast from apps on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Chromecast vs. Roku: Cost

The cheapest of the six Roku products is the Roku Express; it costs $29. The most expensive device is the Streaming Stick +, costing $59.
The standard Chromecast costs $35. A Chromecast Ultra, which adds 4K support, costs $69.
Getting one of these streaming devices is a no-brainer if you reside in the US. After all, the average cable bill in the US is more than $100/month; you could buy any of the models and still save money.

Voice Control Capabilities

While Roku has no built-in voice capabilities, the Roku mobile app for iOS and Android, enhanced voice remote, Roku TV Voice Remote, and Roku Touch tabletop remote can all search for content and handle the playback commands you need for complete control.
Google’s Chromecast, on the other hand, works seamlessly with Google Assistant and Google Home.
Tip:Google Assistant can control a Roku with a few quick setup steps.

Chromecast vs. Roku: User Interface

The most significant difference between the Chromecasts and the various Roku products is the user interface. There’s an on-screen interface with channels, a store, a settings menu, and search functionality.
Chromecasts do not offer an on-screen interface. They’ll mirror your phone, tablet, or computer screen on the TV.

Channels and Apps lists more than 8,000 channels and apps that are available on Roku. There’s a lot to see on Roku, from popular free TV channels such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, to premium cable streamers like HBO and everything in between.
The Chromecast website lists more than 2,600 Chromecast-enabled apps that cover a range of entertainment sources. Both Chromecast and Roku offer YouTube, Netflix, HBO, ESPN, the newsnetworks, the major sports broadcasters, and Amazon Prime Video.

Chromecast vs. Roku: Picture Quality

The Roku Express, Express +, and Streaming Stick offers standard 1080p HD video quality. While Roku Premiere, Premiere +, and Streaming Stick + offer 4K video and high dynamic range (HDR).
Of the two Chromecast products, only the more expensive Chromecast Ultra supports 4K. That’s a big deal if you have a 4K TV.
You can’t beat the price of the Chromecast – it remains one of the best values for AV enthusiasts. But if HD is all you need, the Chromecast has you covered.

Bottom Line

Both Roku and Chromecast are excellent choices for streaming entertainment. Chromecast offers a simple product lineup at reasonable prices and is an easy out-of-the-box experience.
Many of your decisions will depend on which products you already have in your home, which ecosystems you are tied into, and how you plan to use your device.
Broadly speaking, if you’re looking for a platform-agnostic way to cut the cord, you should buy a Roku. Whereas if you just want to stream the occasional TV show or movie to your TV, you should buy a Chromecast instead.
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