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How To Use Google Chromecast Without WiFi

In this walkthrough, we will be explaining how to use Google Chromecast without WiFi. Click the link to read full guide..

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Like Amazon Fire Stick and Roku, Google Chromecast is a simple plug-in device that you can cast just about anything from your phone to your TV. You can also use it to play games and make presentations. In this walkthrough, we will be explaining how to use Google Chromecast without WiFi.
Typically, a Chromecast connects directly to the internet via a WiFi connection. However, if your WiFi is weak or spotty, or probably you’re nowhere close to a source of wireless internet, you won’t be able to use your Chromecast device to cast your content. In this article, you’ll be taught how to set up a local WiFi network that will still let you use Chromecast without web access If you don’t have an Internet connection.
Here are a few ways you can do it:
Chromecast Without WiFi

Use Guest Mode

Guest Mode was originally intended to allow guests in your home to hook up to your Chromecast without connecting to your private WiFi network, but it also works if your phone can’t connect to your WiFi network.
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To check if your Chromecast has Guest Mode, and enable it if it does, follow these steps:
  • First, on your mobile device, open the Google Home app.
  • Next, tap the name of your device.
  • Finally, click on the “Settings” button, which looks like a gear in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to “Device settings” and look for a setting called “Guest Mode.” Unfortunately, if you don’t see Guest mode listed, your device doesn’t have the feature.
Chromecast Without WiFi
If you see Guest Mode listed, and there is already a PIN displayed underneath, that means Guest Mode is already enabled; you have to toggle the switch to the “On” position. Then, please wait for it to generate a PIN before going to the app you want to stream content and cast.

Using An Ethernet Connection

This method is helpful where your only options are local WiFi hotspots or hotel internet if you’re traveling. In such cases, two-factor authentication is required before you can access the WiFi.
Note:If you have the new Android-TV-powered Chromecast, it lacks Ethernet support, but you can buy a unique power and Ethernet adapter.
You’ll need an Ethernet cable with a USB connection on the other end. If you’re using Chromecast Ultra, plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet power adapter and connect the USB cable to the Chromecast. Then, plug into the active Ethernet jack and cast content as you normally would.
Chromecast Without WiFi
You can also use your smartphone’s hotspot; you’ll need to enable the hotspot option on your smartphone so it can serve as the router. However, you’ll need a second device to join the network and connect to your Chromecast.

Use Google Chromecast Without Internet For Android

  • Firstly, update the Chromecast to the latest version of its firmware.
  • Open a Google Cast-ready app on your primary device and click the “Cast” button. Then, please wait a while for it to search for nearby compatible devices. After research, find the screen you want to cast to and select it.
  • A four-digit pin will display on the screen. Enter this pin into your Chromecast app to connect the devices.
Your Android device should now be connected, and you can cast media you have stored locally to the screen connected to the Chromecast.

Use Google Chromecast Without Internet For iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can use travel routers to create a local network that you can use to connect your Chromecast to another device. Follow the steps below to do that.
Chromecast Without WiFi
  • Make sure you set up your travel router before leaving home and assign it a network name (also known as an SSID) and a password.
  • With the app on either your Android or iOS device, connect your Chromecast to the travel router wirelessly.
  • Connect the router to the device you want to cast to. For example, if you are in a hotel, you may need to use the television’s settings menu to select the router and enter the password.
  • Once connected, the television should appear as a destination for you to cast. Select it as the streaming destination via the Chromecast app. You can find this app on iOS and the Google Play store.
You should now be able to stream locally stored content to the television even without an Internet connection.
Note:If the router does not appear, manually enter the SSID and password before proceeding to the next step. You can do this through the device’s network settings by typing in the name and password.

Use Google Chromecast Without Internet On Mac

  • You’ll need a software called “Connectify” to download it and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.
  • Open the Connectify software and set up a hotspot name and password.
  • From the options at the top of the screen, select “WiFi Hotspot.”
  • Connect the device you want to cast to the network.
Enter the hotspot name and password manually if the network does not appear.
The device should appear as a destination for you to cast. Select it as the streaming destination via the Chromecast app.
Were you able to stream your content via Chromecast without WiFi? Share your experience in a comment.
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