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Destiny 2: Shattered Throne Dungeon Guide

Destiny 2 is a game of thrills and edgy adventures, like most adventure games also a kind of Dungeon- The Shattered Throne. This walkthrough guides you on the Destiny 2 shattered throne dungeon quest.

The Shattered Throne features two main bosses that have unbelievable mechanics and placements in highly hazardous places. You can access it only once with a specific character, just once in the space of three weeks. This dungeon is for those who do not enjoy raiding like common thieves as you can get lots and enjoy your gameplay.

This guide explains how you can defeat each part of the dungeon successfully and tips that would actually make it easier for you.

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Step-by-step Walkthrough In The Dungeon

The first thing you need to do to start your adventures in the Shattered Throne is to locate the entrance. To do this, simply navigate directly from the Dreaming City’s landing zone while hugging the left wall. Head straight ahead until you reach where the Oracle resides on a large building.

On the left, you’ll discover a bridge next to a cliff-side path leading to a slope. Follow this path until you reach a portal. Go through it and follow the hallways until you see a room with a thin beam of light running through it. The Shattered Throne entrance is in the back of this room.

Shattered Throne Dungeon 1st Encounter: Erebus

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Go to the front of the temple where a group of Acolytes and a knight will be guarding a blocked doorway. Defeat the obstacles and proceed through the doorway to a maze called Erebus that reveals a symbol on contact.

Within the Erebus area are numerous smaller areas each depicted by a symbol. Players will need to navigate Erebus, by going from area to area using the symbols. This map shows the entire Erebus location and where each symbol can be located.

When you defeat the first knight, a symbol is revealed. Follow through and find and defeat all the mini-bosses in Erebus. Be wary of the Thralls and their spawning unexpectedly. Some of the taller buildings will also have Hobgoblins on them, so a sniper rifle, bow, or scout rifle will be useful for this encounter. Each mini-boss is also quite weak, so any special and heavy weapons will be enough to kill them.

These are the seven mini-bosses to defeat in total. You can name them like this:

  1. Curled Fish
  2. Infinity Snake
  3. Two-Headed Snake
  4. Falcon
  5. Dragon
  6. Double Fish
  7. Diving Falcon

For instance, players may possess the Dragon symbol after defeating the first Knight mini-boss. They should head left to the Tower of the Deep – which can be seen on the provided map and is where the Dragon symbol will always be – and defeat the mini-boss there. Once the Dragon mini-boss has been defeated, players may see the Curled Fish symbol and so they should head to the Garden of Prophet area, defeat the mini-boss, and so on.

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It is important to note that the symbols representing each area of Erebus never change. However, the order in which the symbols are shown to players is different every time, except for the final symbol, which is always the Diving Falcon as this is where the Erebus exit is found.

After defeating the final miniboss, players will be rewarded with their first loot drop, and a large floor plate will open in a nearby room, revealing a large bright tunnel. Jump down the tunnel to progress to the next area.

Shattered Throne Dungeon 2nd Encounter: The Hike

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After jumping and landing, a straight path lies before you. Go through it until you come upon an open area. Get yourself ready to take out the Taken Vandals shooting from above. Next, defeat the mini-boss and go through the door. This door leads to a vast hallway with a broken bridge down the middle. There are Taken Hobgoblins and Knights along the far walls, and Taken Phalanx on the bridge. Again, you’re going to want a bow, a sniper rifle, or some other long-range weapon to take them out. Take the left path up.

Now it’s time for some more harrowing platforming, this time with a Dark Souls flavor. You’ll arrive at a large chamber with thin beams crisscrossing it. You need to get to the doorway on the far left of the room without falling to your death.

To do this, Taken Ogres will spawn on some of the circular platforms. These Ogres will knock you off instantly, so as soon as you see or hear them spawning, stay back and get your sniper out. Stay outside their range of attack and take them out.

Rotating Taken orbs will also spawn on some of the platforms, but you can avoid these with some skilled jumping between the beams. As long as you deal with the Ogres quickly and mind your jumps, you should make it to the end fairly unscathed. Next is a seeming resemblance to the Crota’s End raid from the original Destiny. A hallway full of Shadow Thralls. All you need to do is to get to the end.

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Make sure to bring your preferred form of alternative healing—like a Warlock healing rift, the Hunter Exotic Wormhusk Crown, or the Exotic hand cannon Crimson – to totally floor this part of the dungeon.

It’s really not that difficult: stick together, hug the left wall, and hold W. If you get surrounded, just use an AoE grenade. Make your way to the end and jump through the shimmery barrier to drop down into a small chamber. Head to the cathedral in the distance to start the next encounter.

Shattered Throne Dungeon 3rd Encounter: Vorgeth, The Boundless Hunger

Image Credit: GameRant

Vorgeth is the first boss and second major encounter of the Shattered Throne dungeon. It is a gigantic Taken Ogre which is always surrounded by a shield, making it immune to damage. To complete this encounter, players need to take down Vorgeth’s shield and damage it until it dies.

Vorgeth’s arena is constructed like a large square, with Vorgeth in the center. Once players land in the arena, four groups of enemies will spawn on each side of the arena. Each group of enemies consists of two Vandals, two Goblins, and one Wizard known as a Keeper of Petitions.

Players need to first defeat the four Wizards and run through the glowing purple orbs that they drop. Doing this will give all players the Petitioner’s Mark buff which has a 45-second timer. Players will die if the timer runs out; however, the timer will be refreshed every time another Petitioner’s Mark buff is picked up. So be time cautious.

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The buff is useless until all four Petitioner’s Marks have been gained, at which point the buff will change to Petitioner’s Burden, which also has a 45-second timer. In terms of strategy for this phase of the boss fight, players can either focus on killing all the additional enemies in the arena, leaving just the four Wizards to kill, or they can tackle each group one by one until all the Wizards are dead.

Image Credit: GameRant

The latter method obviously requires players to act quickly, otherwise, they will die if the buff times out before they pick up the next one.

After acquiring the Petitioner’s Burden buff, they need to run to one of the four raised platforms that surround Vorgeth and go to the little brazier. The player will be prompted to ‘extinguish’ the brazier which will deposit the buff and remove Vorgeth’s shield.

After getting rid of the shield, players just need to do all the damage they can to destroy Vorgeth. During this phase, Vorgeth will attack by firing many tracking darts out of its back, which can easily kill a Guardian if too many hit them. Ward of Dawn and Well of Radiance are great supers for negating this damage and buffing damage to Vorgeth.

Nova Bomb, Blade Barrage, and even Thundercrash with the right exotic armor and mods, are all great supers to use quickly for tremendous damage. In terms of weapons, any good boss-killing weapons such as Anarchy and Witherhoard paired with a slug shotgun will work well. Swords, especially Falling Guillotine and Lament, will probably be the best choice when paired with a Ward of Dawn or Well of Radiance.

If players are not able to defeat Vorgeth in one damage phase, its shield will return and more enemies and Wizards will spawn. Simply repeat the previous steps to take down Vorgeth’s shield. If players fail to defeat Vorgeth after they have extinguished the fourth brazier, they will die and must start over again.

Once Vorgeth is defeated, players will get their second set of rewards and a large bright doorway will open. Continue through the doorway and prepare to climb the tower to reach the final boss.

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Shattered Throne Dungeon 4th Encounter: Ascending The Tower

Image Credit: GameRant

This part is quite easy. Considering the intensity of the former phase, this part lets you relax. All you need to do is run through Awoken ruins and locate gravity lifts that shoot you up to more Awoken ruins. At a stage, you’d have to run through a section of Thrallways that leads up to a curvy staircase to the left. Run up and head right at the top through the archway.

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Next, players need to keep moving forward until they reach a cliff edge and then turn right. There will be a succession of narrow ledges running along a large wall. Players need to run and jump their way across these ledges, avoiding getting shot into the abyss by Taken wall blasts and getting killed by Hobgoblins.

Lastly, players need to keep heading along the main path and go up a few gravity lifts. Eventually, they will go up the final lift and arrive at the final boss arena to face off against Dûl Incaru.

Shattered Throne Dungeon Final Encounter: Defeat Dul Incaru

Image Credit: GameRant

This is the last part of The Shattered Throne. The path that lies ahead of you is distant but easy. Enemies and tricky jumps will be your hindrance but that’s not new, is it?

Eventually, you’ll arrive at a small temple area that is the abode of the final boss of the Shattered Throne: Dul Incaru, the Eternal Return. She’s easier than Vorgeth, but also a very different fight, so let’s go over the rudiments

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Dul Incaru is shielded by three Taken Champions— the big-ass knights. These Champions sprinkle orbs when they die, and you’ll need them to defeat Dul Incaru. The buff these orbs provide runs on time too, so try to destroy all three Champions and then grab their orbs at the same time. If you take too long killing the Champions, Dul Incaru will conjure a crystal at the back of the room that makes them invulnerable.

Should this happen, destroy the crystal quickly with a shotgun and then face the Champions. You’ll also have to destroy spawning Taken Soldiers as they multiply if you ignore them.

The hardest thing is that the area is quite small so you would not have much area to use as shields or hideout. As soon as you engage them, move out of the entrance and move to one of the sides, as these give better cover. Whisper of the Worm is great for killing the Champions because they’re so easy to headshot, plus it will stagger them. On acquisition of all the three orbs, rain damage on Dul Incaru. You can use the weapons you used on Vorgeth. Defeat her in a whim of expertise.

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Bottom Line

As long as you follow this guide promptly, Dul Incaru would be dead in a few minutes of you grabbing the orbs. Congratulations!!! You have finished the Shattered Throne. The strategies work for both solo and group players. Good luck.

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