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How to Easily Make a Campfire in Minecraft

A campfire's purpose in Minecraft is versatile. This article explains how to make a campfire in Minecraft. Click to read the full guide.

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A campfire’s purpose in Minecraft is versatile. It is mostly used as a decorative item that can light up the area around you and try to imitate real-world fire with a trail of smoke rising into the air, making it even more realistic. Its ability to light up the surroundings can be compared to that of a torch. However, it cannot be broken down easily and restored in the inventory, which makes it suitable only for lighting up your home base. This article explains how to make a campfire in Minecraft.

Getting Started In Minecraft

Players need to worry about feeding, finding a safe place to build a bed for their spawn point, etc. To overcome these worries, you’ll need a campfire. There are a lot of benefits to a campfire.
It can cook food, act as a smoke signal to other players, help players grab honey from beehives, and lastly, act as a light source.
Materials Needed For A Campfire:
  • 3 Sticks
  • One either coal or Charcoal in Minecraft
  • 3 of almost any kind of wood
You can use Logs, stems, stripped logs, stripped stems, woods, hyphae, and stripped woods as the base of a campfire.
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How To Make A Campfire In Minecraft?

Follow the steps below to make your campfire in Minecraft.
  • Open Crafting Table
  • First, open your crafting table to have the 3*3 crafting grid
  • Place The Sticks
  • Place The Coal
  • Place The Wood Logs To Complete The Recipe For Your Campfire
  • Drag The Campfire Item To Your Inventory
Note:All you have to do after all the settings is to drag it into your inventory. And then, you’re ready to place it at your convenience.

How Can I Use a Campfire in Minecraft?

Campfires in Minecraft are versatile items. They are often used as a decorative element, though they can be extremely useful. Here are some of the most popular campfire uses:
  • Campfires add a cozy crackling sound to your house or backyard and release smoke up to ten blocks high from a chimney.
  • You can use campfires to cook food. Select any raw food from your inventory and right-click the campfire to cook it. The food automatically pops out when it’s ready.
  • You can place a campfire next to a beehive to safely collect honey.
  • A campfire can light up a room just as great as a torch.
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