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How to Easily Make Flower Pot in Minecraft

This article explains how to make a flower pot in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a flower pot is a decorative block that contains different kinds of plants such as flowers, bamboo, mushrooms, fungi, etc. So if you want to learn how to make a flower pot in Minecraft, you’re in the right place. This article explains how to make a flower pot in Minecraft.

You can find them in witch huts, basements of igloos and woodland mansions. If you can’t seem to find them, however, you can craft one yourself using some basic materials in the game.

Materials Needed for a Flower Pot

You need a brick. You would need to have 3 bricks though. Also, a crafting table and a furnace are required. You can obtain a brick by smelting a clay ball in a furnace. Clay balls are collected when a clay block is shattered with a non-Silk Touch tool.

Each block generates four clay balls. Clay is normally found at the floors of rivers and lakes in shallow, patches, and swamps. Furthermore, it also spawns inside mason houses in plains, savanna, and desert villages.

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Procedure to Craft a Flower Pot in Minecraft

Once you have procured a Crafting Table, a Furnace, and the necessary materials, follow the steps below:

  • Create a Crafting Table: Add Planks of the same type of wood to each box of the 2X2 crafting grid. Any type of wood will serve (Oak Wood, Jungle Wood, etc.).
  • Put the Crafting Table on the ground and open it to access the 3X3 crafting grid. How you do this depends on your platform:
Make Flower Pot In Minecraft
  • PC: Right-click
  • Mobile: Single-tap
  • Xbox: Press LT
  • PlayStation: Press L2
  • Nintendo: Press ZL
  • Create a furnace: Add 8 Cobblestones or Blackstones in the outer boxes of the 3X3 crafting grid (leave the center box empty).

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  • Place the Furnace on the ground and interact with it to open the smelting menu.
  • Add one kind of fuel source, either wood or coal into the bottom box on the left side of the Furnace menu.
Make Flower Pot In Minecraft

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  • Add Clay in the top box on the left side of the Furnace menu.
  • Be patient while the progress bar completes, then add the Brick to your inventory. Do this until you have 3 blocks
  • Craft your Flower Pot: Return to your Crafting Table and add a Brick in the first and third boxes in the first row. In the second row, add a Brick in the middlebox.

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  • Add the flower pot to your inventory

Now you have your Flower Pot, ready to decorate and add more beauty.

Benefits of a Flower Pot

The flower pot is very beneficial, some of these benefits include:

  • To hold mushrooms, fungi and other plants
  • They can be used to display cacti and wither roses without inheriting their damaging properties.
  • Potted plants are purely decorative.

Plants that can be placed in a pot include any one block high flowers, saplings, ferns, dead bushes, cacti, bamboo, and roots. Plants can be removed by using the interact button.

Video Tutorial

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