Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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How to Make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

In this guide, we will be explaining how to make a potion of weakness in Minecraft.

You likely have numerous reasons for wanting a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft, aside from the fact that It will give you a weakness effect, thereby reducing your attack damage. Thankfully, it’s easy to craft once you have the ingredients. This guide explains how to make it in Minecraft.

Potion Of Weakness Ingredients

  • You’ll need a Brewing Stand to make the potion. The hardest part of this step is finding a nether fortress to locate a blaze rod.

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2. Bottle of Water. Dig up some sand and smelt it in a furnace to get the glass needed to make glass bottles.

3. Blaze Powder. Blaze powder is used to fuel your brewing stand. You should have no trouble acquiring blaze powder if you have found a nether fortress with a blaze spawner.

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4. Fermented Spider Eye.

How To Make Potion Of Weakness

Combine the ingredients into your potion using the Brewing Stand menu. First, add Blaze Powder, followed by the Bottle of Water. You can add more bottles if you’d like to craft more than one potion of weakness. And finally, add your Fermented Spider Eye. Once the brewing is complete, one of the water bottles in the brewing stand will become the potion of weakness.

Splash Potion Of Weakness

To make it, you need to return to your Brewing Stand. Combine your Potion of Weakness with Gunpowder. The gunpowder will transform effect potions into splash potions. Look for creepers around nighttime to find some gunpowder.

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And that’s it!

When your Minecraft Potion of Weakness becomes a Splash Potion of Weakness, it can be thrown on other characters rather than drinking it yourself. You can also use it to cure zombie villagers. It can also get you on your way to creating your village. 

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