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How to Find, Make, and Use a Smoker in Minecraft

The Minecraft game holds a lot of secrets and discoverable items. These items when discovered, aid in gameplay and creates more sense of gaming in players. One of such items is the constructible smoker that can be used to cook food items. This tutorial shows you how to find, make, and use a smoker in Minecraft.

A smoker requires some other materials to be crafted, the materials are:

  • Eight cobblestones- To make a furnace
  • Four wood planks- To make a crafting Table
  • Four logs or blocks of wood.

When crafted, the smoker works faster in cooking food than a normal furnace does. Although the new item created loses its ability to smelt ore, it is also worth having an extra furnace at hand.

Finding a Smoker In Minecraft

Instead of crafting a smoker, it is also possible to find one already made in a random location worldwide. For a much closer fact, butcher villages usually have smokers that you can take for your own use.

Follow these steps to find and take a smoker in Minecraft

  • Locate a village.
  • Find a butcher NPC.
  • Use a pickaxe only to mine the butcher’s smoker. Using other tools destroys the Smoker permanently
  • Walk over to the broken smoker to pick it up.
  • You can now place the smoker back in your home base or wherever else you like.

Crafting a Smoker in Minecraft

Once you have acquired all the materials stated above, follow these steps:

  • Make yourself a crafting table and furnace if you haven’t already, and gather at least four logs.

If you’ve already placed the furnace, you will need to mine it and place it in your inventory to turn it into a smoker.

  • Open the crafting table interface.
  • Place the furnace in the center slot of the crafting table interface, and surround it with four wood blocks on the top, bottom, left, and right sides.

Note: Any variety of logs can be used interchangeably. You don’t have to use the same type of wood all through. But planks will not work, just wood.

  • Move the smoker from the crafting table interface to your inventory.
  • Place the smoker in a convenient location.

Note: If there is ever a need for you to move the furnace, you can do this by using a pickaxe to remove it. The use of any other tool will lead to the destruction of the Smoker permanently.

Food Items that can be Cooked in the Smoker

These are the food items you could use the Smoker to cook:

  • Baked Potato
  • Dried Kelp
  • Steak
  • Cooked Porkchop
  • Cooked Chicken
  • Cooked Rabbit
  • Cooked Cod
  • Cooked Salmon
  • Cooked Mutton

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