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How to Easily Make a Shield in Minecraft

The Shield is not everyone’s favorite because it could block the lower half of your screen which could be quite annoying. A bow or sword is much preferred. However, a shield serves its purpose of defending you against enemies though. This walkthrough explains how to easily make a shield in Minecraft.

Making a shield is incredibly simple. The main ingredients are wood plank blocks and an iron ingot. You’ll need both the Furnace and Crafting Table to make your shield. We also explain how to decorate and use your new shield.

Acquire Some Wood

How to Easily Make a Shield in Minecraft
Make A Shield In Minecraft

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Locate a tree and chop it down. Anything except a sword can be used to accomplish this feat.

Note: Any piece of wood or combination of woods can be used to create a shield.

Acquire Iron Ore

Make A Shield In Minecraft

You’ll need iron ore to craft iron ingot, one of the shield’s ingredients. You can’t miss these blocks: They have little yellow and tan flakes, as shown above. The ore is located at sea level or slightly lower in veins of up to 10 blocks. You’ll need a stone pickaxe at the very least to mine this ore.

You can also acquire iron ore dropped from fallen iron golems, which you can find near villages.

Make Wood Planks

How to Easily Make a Shield in Minecraft

On acquiring your wood, you’ll need to turn them into wood plank blocks. A total of six wood plank blocks is needed to create one shield

  • Open your Crafting Table.
  • Drop one woodblock (log, normal. or stripped) into any square in the crafting grid.
  • Drag the resulting four wood plank blocks down into your inventory.
  • Repeat steps two and three for another four wood plank blocks.

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Crafting Iron Ingot

Here, we show you how to make iron ingots from iron ore using a Furnace.

With the aid of a furnace, here’s how to make an iron ingot

  • Open your Furnace.
  • Add any form of fuel like wood or coal to the bottom square.
  • Place iron ore into the top square.
  • Place the resulting iron ingot down into your inventory.

Crafting Your Shield

How to Easily Make a Shield in Minecraft
Make A Shield In Minecraft
  • Open your Crafting Table.
  • Place six wood plank blocks into the crafting grid in the shape of a Y: The top two squares in the first column, the bottom two squares in the second column, and the top two squares in the third column.
  • Put one iron ingot in the remaining top box in the second column. Refer to the image above for the correct placement.
  • Haul your new shield down into your inventory.

Customizing Your Shield

Six pieces of Wool and a Wooden stick are what you need to craft a banner for your shield. Whatever color your wool is would be the color of your banner in the end.

Next is customization. You’ll need a Loom which is created by combining two strings and two wooden planks. Then you simply put your shield and some dyes into the loom. You can get creative with this too.

Once you’re done customizing your banner, you just need to combine it with your shield and you’ll have a fancy new bit of equipment to walk around with. You do this by placing them both on the Crafting Table, then removing the customized shield.

Using a Shield in Minecraft

Make A Shield In Minecraft

To use your shield, equip it, and almost all melee and fired attacks would be bounced off. It can even protect you against fire.

Note: As you block with your Shield, it takes out of its life force so you would have to repair it.

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