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How To Easily Tame A Horse In Minecraft

You can acquire a horse to travel long distances quickly. In this article, we will be explaining how to tame a horse in Minecraft.

Daniel Barrett
May 30, 2022848 Shares84786 Views
Love the gallop clop-clop of horses? Well, good news, you can acquire a horse to travel long distances quickly. In this article, we will be explaining how to tame a horse in Minecraft.
First, you need to locate a horse. This is not too difficult as there’s not much fear of it getting spooked or running away.
But if you want to ride one, you need to tame it first—and it’s not particularly obvious what you need to do to acquaint your possible pony pal. Moreover, the whole process can be awkward, especially if you’re a novice horse whisperer. So read on to discover what you need to know to tame and ride your own Minecraft horse, including how to craft a saddle.

Where To Find Minecraft Horses

Minecraft horses will spawn in either the Plains or Savannah biomes and come in groups between two and six. They are gentle mobs, meaning they will not attack you, although you can attack and kill them for minimal XP and some leather.
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The difference in horses is just their aesthetics considering that there are about 35 different types of horses.

Acquiring A Saddle

You will need a saddle in the end if you wish to ride your horse. You can’t ride unless you have a saddle. But, unfortunately, you would have to find saddles because you can’t craft one.
You can find a saddle in chests in dungeons or the Nether Forest. They are not that rare, though, so you could easily find one and equip it in your inventory.
Strangely enough, you can also acquire a saddle while fishing!

Taming And Riding A Horse In Minecraft

Taming and riding a horse is a three-step process. Take a look below to get started:

Step 1: Taming the Horse

This is relatively easy to achieve. Just walk towards it with empty hands and interact with it. This puts you on horseback, and the horse instinctively bucks you off. Continue to do this until it finally accepts you. That’s how you tame a horse.
Feeding the horse food items like wheat, apples, and sugar can also help increase your chances of lowering the time it takes to tame.

Step 2: Riding The Horse

Once your horse stops bucking you off, it’s time to put a saddle on it. You won’t be able to control where it goes without one. You can also put Horse Armor on your mount at this time.

Breeding Horses

Materials needed:
  • Two of any of the following; Golden Apples, Enchanted Golden Apples or Golden Carrots
  • Two horses
You must have tamed the horses with the method above to be able to breed them. Please make sure they are close together, then feed each horse one of the fruits listed above.
Soon, red hearts appear on their heads, and they turn to face each other. Later on, a baby is born, and the hearts disappear.
Horses have a five-minute cooldown in between breeding, which is a pretty spectacular recovery when you think about it. This means one baby horse per five minutes.
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