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Destiny 2 Bad Juju Exotic Pulse Rifle Quest Guide


Destiny 2 Bad Juju – To unlock bad juju, you have to complete favors for Calus before he can send you to the Ascendant Realm to receive your prize. In this article, we will discuss Destiny 2 bad juju exotic pulse rifle quest and how to get it.

How To Unlock Bad Juju In Destiny 2

Unlocking the Bad Juju Exotic Pulse rifle in Destiny 2 requires two steps, read through this guide to understand.

1. Unlock The Tribute Hall

  • Go to Werner 99-40 on the Nessus barge.
  • You will see a chest next to him that costs 5,000 Glimmer to open.

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  • Break the chest to receive a new Invitation from the Emperor.
  • Follow the quest into Calus’ Tribute Hall; you will find a physical location for you to show off your achievements.
  • Now you will need to complete one of Calus bounties before he can allow you in.
  • You must not die during this process because you will lose all your progress if you do.
  • After completing the bounty, you’ll earn a Boon of the Emperor.
  • Return to Calus with the Boon to get a discount at his shop.
  • You will get a flag to plant from him in front of the tribute hall, and the doors will swing wide.
  • Then You’ll see a cloudy, green chest in the middle of the Hall, that is where Bad Juju is located. Proceed to unlock it.

2. Place 18 Tributes

  • Place five statues of Calus’ prized War Beasts. It will be earned in sets of Tributes.
  • You’ll have to place 18 Tribute statues to get into the Bad Juju mission.

Here are the steps to get the statues:

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  • Open your Triumphs and navigate to the Destination tab.
  • Select Minor, and move down to the Tribute Hall.
  • Each of these Triumphs rewards a Tribute statue.
  • Pursue the grey squares in the Tribute Hall and insert any Tribute statues you already have.
  • Check the triumphs in the tribute hall and pick the easiest sounding ones for your group of pals and get to work.
  • You can buy the tribute statues, and whether you purchase your Tribute statues or complete the Triumphs, you’ll earn the fifth dog statue after your 18th Tribute.

3. Complete The Other Side (In Bad Juju)

Calus will offer you and your fireteam a new quest after everyone’s turned in their Tributes.

  • Step up to the green case and interact with it.
  • The world will glow bright, and an Ascendant Portal will emerge before you.
  • Jump in the portal.
  • Run through following the objective marker.
  • Then you’ll need to defeat a small army of Thrall and a Cabal boss.
  • After defeating the boss, another portal will appear.
  • Jump through it and back to the world of the living.
  • The chest holds your brand new Bad Juju.
  • Grab it.

The Perks And Catalysis In Bad Juju

The Bad Juju Catalyst increases the time limit for String of Curses, which will make it easier to get to five stacks without dropping off.

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To get The Catalyst

  • Place 45 Tributes for Calus.
  • When you’ve placed all 45, he will sell it to you for seven Legendary Shards.
  • You need to kill enemies with Bad Juju to upgrade it.

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