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The Best PS1 Emulators For Android And PC

In this article, we will highlight best PS1 Emulators for Android and PC.

A PlayStation emulator is a software program that emulates, or imitates, the traditional gaming console, and allows you to relish your dearest PlayStation games on your computer. All you need is the game disc or a copy of the disc image. In this article, we will highlight best PS1 Emulators for Android and PC.

There are emulators for the actual PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 3, in addition, to testing emulators for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. You can even discover emulators for Android, but you’re better off playing PlayStation games on a high-quality end gaming PC.

Top 10 Emulators Of PS For PC

Browsing through the Internet, you’d find a lot of emulators that you could decide on. If you are overwhelmed by the available choices, browse through our list to see their features and how best they suit you.

1. ePSXe

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(PC, Mac, Linux, Android)

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This is well known by vintage players. It is quite reliable for Android. Some of its features include:

  • Customizable controls
  • OpenGL enhanced graphics support
  • Controller Support on all platforms
  • Save and load options
  • Split-screen option for multiplayer mode
  • It’s free on PC, Mac, and Linux — and can be downloaded from the official ePSXe website — but you’ll have to pay $3.75 on the Google Play Store to use it on Android.

In the past, ePSXe had an automatic regular update but has stopped since 2016. Even with this downside, it still remains one of the best emulators available.

2. RetroArch

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Best PS1 Emulators For Android And PC

This is a collection of emulators known as “Cores”. It allows you to play numerous classic games for several consoles on just one PC.

The PS1 core is widely known as Beetle PSX and it’s exceptional compared to other emulators that are single. Looking for old-school games? The. RetroArch is your plug.

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3. PCSX Reloaded

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This is a good example of the opposite of the RetroArch. It is a standalone PS1 emulator. It’s much easier to configure and supports basically every game for the PS1 console.

It also works with any PC-compatible gamepad, so you can use the PS4 DualShock controller for a genuine experience.

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4. Mednafen (PC)

Best PS1 Emulators For Android And PC

Formerly known as Nintencer, the Mednafen has achieved a top tier in the world of emulators. It’s distinguishing features include:

  • PSX is the most developed platform it supports.
  • Manages a vast library efficiently

A few things you should have in mind before using Mednafen for all of your retro emulation needs:

  • Supports various consoles other than PS like Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, etc.
  • Download your own BIOS files to make sure it works
  • Mednafen runs on the CPU’s command-line interface by default
  • Download MedGUI Reborn and MetroMed to establish a more approachable format.


Image Credit: life wire

XEBRA is a modest PlayStation emulator for Windows and Android that prioritizes genuineness. It doesn’t add any graphical prowess or fancy UI components, but it does wield the reputation of being the only software that can successfully emulate PocketStation games so you can finally play the Japanese version of Chocobo World.

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6. PCSX2

Best PS1 Emulators For Android And PC

Image Credit: life wire

PCSX2 takes advantage of texture filtering and anti-aliasing to give PS2 games a classical look exceptional to most modern HD remakes. Numerous cheating features and a built-in HD video recorder make PCSX2 a prominent program for speed runners. You may never want to play PS2 games on your console again.

7. RPCS3

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RPCS3 is an impressive software that allows you play and debug thousands of PlayStation 3 titles. The RPCS3 creators gained fame in 2017 when a version of Persona 5 for RPCS3 began distributing online before the game’s official U.S. release.


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Best PS1 Emulators For Android And PC

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PPSSPP does to PSP games what PCSX2 does to PS2 games: it improves textures and resolution to make old titles look nicer than they did on their actual consoles. This feature is especially helpful since the PSP screen is so tiny. Also, you can effortlessly transfer saved data from your PSP to your computer with an SD card.

9. FPse (Android)

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Distinctive Features include:

  • It has mobile-specific abilities that operate astonishingly well with Android devices.
  • Compression of ROM is possible.
  • Compatible with touchscreen controls utilizing a digital controller and Android-compatible gamepads compatible.
  • Arrives with a menu chock-full of cheat codes to assist you along the way
  • Numerous personalization possibilities and some convenient resolution and save and load features

Although it’s not completely free of charge, $3.63 is not a terrible price for all the sweet features you get.

10. Vita3k

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Best PS1 Emulators For Android And PC

Vita3K is an experimental project that deserves mentioning because it’s the only PlayStation Vita emulator. The Vita wasn’t as profitable as the PSP, but that hasn’t stopped gamers from trying to build a PS Vita emulator.

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