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How to Turn Off the Camera Sound on iPhone


Turning off on camera sound iPhoneis not as simple as turning off other sounds like keyboard sounds or lock sounds. You can turn off those sounds via settings, but there’s no setting for silencing the phony “ka-ching” noise every time you snap a picture. So, in this article, we will be lecturing you on how to turn off the camera sound on iPhone.

However, the good newsis that there are two different ways to turn off camera sound on iPhone.

How to Turn Off the Camera Sound on iPhone

There are two ways to turn off camera sound on iPhone. Follow the guidesbelow to get it done:

1. Via Mute the iPhone Ringer

The iPhone ringer on your phone is designed to mute everything that produces sounds, from the ringing to message tones and other sounds on your device. Kindly toggle the switch on the left side of your device until you see the orange color. Turning off this ringer will surely silence all activities on your phone, and whenever you take a picture, you’ll notice the sound is gone.

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2. Via Turn Volume Down in Control Center

The second method is by turning down the iPhone volume. Lower the system volume if you want to keep the phone ringer on and keep Live Photos off, but you don’t want to hear the sound when taking a photo.

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  • Pull down from the upper-right corner of your iPhone Xor newer screen to access your device Control Center.
  • Pull up from the bottom of the screen and Slide the volume down to near zero on an iPhone 8or older to access your device Control Center.

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