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How to Spoof Your Location in Pokemon GO on Android

In this article, we will be teaching you how to spoof your location for Pokemon GO on Android. Click the link to read full guide.

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Pokemon Go is extremely popular for its unique concept of placing Pokemon in the real world around you. However, this does come with the limitations of the natural world, and you might experience a slight problem which is “a Pokemon not appearing in a location that you can access.” In this article, we will teach you how to spoof your location for Pokemon GO on Android.
Regional exclusive Pokemon can be frustrating for fans and collectors of the Pokemon locked behind regions. Though some might travel to the location where it is accessible, others may not have that luxury, which is where spoofing a GPS location comes in.

What Does Spoofing A GPS Location Mean?

Spoofing is a technical term in computer networking that replaces a trusted source of information with your source and convinces the network that you are trusted instead. For example, GPS or location spoofing replaces data for your GPS location with your data so your device can think it is anywhere in the world. This is perfect for Pokemon Go’s regional exclusives since now you don’t have to travel halfway around the globe just for a Lunatone.

Problems With Spoofing With An IOS Device

It’s important to know that Spoofing with an IOS device is impossible due to the restrictions and checks Apple places on location data. The only option to allow spoofing on iOS Device is to jailbreak it, which will result in you not receiving system updates and void your device’s warranty. It’s a bad idea to use your iPhonefor anything other than Pokemon Go.

Requirements To Spoof Location

The requirement includes a Pokemon Go account, a VPN, a GPS Spoofing app, and BlueStacks, a powerful and accurate Androidemulator.
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How To Spoof Your Location For Pokemon GO On Android

  • The first step is to get a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is useful in protecting your data from companies and accessing content not available in your country or region.
  • To set up your VPN for location spoofing, switch to ‘Developer Mode’ on your phone. Then, Goto>>‘About Phone’ >> Tap the build number of the phone seven>>Developer Settings.’ >> Allow Mock Locations’ now select your VPN as your mock location app. 
  • So To fix this, you must download and install the Mock Mock Locations module, another spoof that makes your device think Mock Locations are turned off.
Now you can set your location to wherever you like on your VPN app and open Pokemon Go to see your character magically warped worldwide!

BlueStacks Fixing Errors

BlueStacks is an Android emulator which will simulate an Android device on your computer. Using this will allow you to change different deeper settings than the Developer Settings.
You can edit ‘System Location’ information to allow Pokemon Go running as previously outlined but only on the BlueStacks emulator. Sign in to your Pokemon Go account on the emulator. You will be able to properly spoof your location there rather than on an actual device.
You can only use BlueStacks if you own an Android device. Because Doing so without owning a device that runs the operating systemthat BlueStacks emulates is against copyright law.

Using Other GPS Spoofing Apps

Using an extra spoofing app will help If you want more control over your location data. Suggestions include Mock GPS With Joystick, Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer, Fake GPS Location, etc. These apps, unlike the VPN, will most likely be free and will allow more refined control over your location.
Using a separate app for spoofing is simple. Follow the steps above. When you select your Mock Locations App, select the GPS spoofing app instead of the VPN app. Then, within your VPNs app, choose a server near the location you want to be in.
Select a location near the server you selected in the VPN app in the GPS spoofing app. Now you can open Pokemon Go and have far free control over your location and even joystick controls with certain apps.

How Your Spoofing Works In other Apps

Once this is set up, it may affect other apps like Google Maps or Facebook Messenger. However, it’s normal when using a VPN. Using this method allows you to catch rare Pokemon from across the world and protects your location data from big companies trying to collect information on who you are and where you live.

Bottom Line

It may take a strenuous setup and a lot of tapping around your screen, but once your spoof starts working, you will know that the stress is worth it. Then, you can stay in your comfort zone to capture one and even all Pokemon you want. Not only that, you will be safe from hackers who are trying to harvest your information.
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