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Pokémon Sword And Shield: How To Evolve Toxel

This article explains how to evolve Toxel in Pokémon Sword And Shield.

Capturing them all can be frustrating, especially when there are multiple variants or tricks to catching a Pokémon. In this article, we will be discussing more on how to evolve Toxel in Pokémon Sword And Shield.

One of the tricking Pokemon that can be hard to find is this purple, Poison/Electric creature called Toxel. 

Toxel unfolds into one of two Toxtricity forms. Here’s how to catch Toxel and get both the Amped Form and the Low Key Form of Toxtricity.

Where To Get Toxel

You can catch Toxel after you’ve defeated the Turffield Grass-type gym. Then, if you head to Route 5, you’ll see the Pokémon Nursery. Go in and talk to the woman on the right to obtain Toxel.

If you want more than one Toxel to have both forms in your Pokédex, you might need to go in an old-fashioned way. The Toxels can be found in a few different areas around the Galar region’s Wild Area.

Toxtricity Forms And Their Differences

How To Evolve Toxel Pokemon Sword

Toxel starts developing once he reaches level 30. Like, its pre-evolution, both forms of Toxtricity are Poison and Electric-type Pokémon.

The form this Pokémon evolves into depends on your Toxel’s nature. The difference between the two is that they learn different final attacks at level 52 and also have the potential to know different Hidden Abilities.

  • The Amped Form learns Shift Gear, a Steel-type attack that raises Toxtricity’s attack and speed.
  • The Low Key Form learns Magnetic Flux, an Electric-type attack that raises the defense and special defense of one of the Pokémon in your party. Pokemon must have the plus and minus ability.
  • The Hidden Ability for Amped Form is Plus, whereas the Hidden Ability for Low Key Form is Minus.

Toxtricity can Gigantamax. To get a Gigantamaxing Pokémon, you’ll need to find him in a Pokémon Raid Den in the Wild Area.

Gigantamax Toxtricity pulls out an electric guitar and has various colored “protrusions” on his chest. It looks like The Amped Form and the Low Key Form both look like this when Gigantamaxing.

How To Evolve Toxel

Natures That Evolve Into The Amped Form Of Toxtricity:

  • Adamant
  • Brave
  • Docile
  • Hardy
  • Hasty
  • Impish
  • Jolly,
  • Lax
  • Naive
  • Naughty
  • Quirky
  • Rash
  • Sassy

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Natures That Evolve Into The Low Key Form Of Toxtricity:

  • Bashful
  • Bold
  • Calm
  • Careful
  • Gentle
  • Lonely
  • Mild
  • Modest
  • Quiet
  • Relaxed
  • Serious
  • Timid

How To Check Your Toxel’s Nature

How To Evolve Toxel Pokemon Sword

  • While your game is on, Press X to enter the main menu.
  • When the next page pops up, choose Pokémon.
  • If Toxel is in your party, hover over him, press A or press R to go to your Boxes, and click on it.
  • Select Check Summary.
  • Use the joystick or right Joy-Con buttons to scroll to the pencil and paper icon. Your Toxel’s nature and description will display.

Now that you know how to get both rock star Pokémon, you can add both to your party, Good luck with your Pokémon adventure!

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