How To Easily Customize Your Nintendo Switch Home Screen

    Having a lot of games for Nintendo Switch can make it hard for your home screen to navigate. In this article, we will be giving out few ways you can customize your Nintendo Switch to prevent clutter and also organize your game library. 

    How To Make Your Home Screen Appear Organized And Customized

    Here are few ways your can prevent your home screen from cluttering up.

    Sorting And Ordering Games

    Customize Your Nintendo Switch home screen

    You can sort by:

    Most Recently Played: Similar to the way that the default home screen is sorted.

    Longest Play Time: This will sort games by how long you’ve played them. 

    Title: By Sorting all software in alphabetical order.

    Publisher: This will arrange your game by the name of the publisher, in alphabetical order. 

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    Removing Rarely Played Games On Your Nintendo Switch Homescreen

    Customize Your Nintendo Switch

    Another way to make your games list more simplified is by removing your rarely played games from your home screen.

    • Select the game, either from your home screen
    • Press the “+” button to bring up the menu.
    • Select “Manage Software” on the left.
    • Select “Delete Software.”
    Customize Your Nintendo Switch

    This deletes the game from your library and from your home screen, but still available in your account. 

    Changing Your Nintendo Switch Background and Home Theme

    • Select “System Settings” button from your home screen
    • Select the “Theme” option on the left side of the screen. 
    • Choose between the available themes for the Switch: Basic White and Basic Black.
    • Click on Ok.

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