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Pokemon Sword And Shield: How to Find and Evolve Feebas

This walkthrough guides you on how to find and Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Click the link to read the full guide.

Daniel Barrett
Jun 16, 20223089 Shares193043 Views
In this walkthrough, we will guide you on how to find and Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Sword and Shield, where to catch Feebas in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and guide you through the evolutionary process for Milotic.
Feebas is hard to find. However, you can pick up this fishy friend on Route 2 in the water west of the Professor’s House. The spawn chance is dreadful, and you may need the Rotom Bike upgrade that lets you cross water and enough time once you’re far enough into the game.

Where to Get a Prism Scale

You can pick up the Prism Scale on the same body of water you were fishing from in between the two islands. It’s also been known to appear randomly in the South Lake Miloch section of the Wild Area.

How to Evolve Feebas into Milotic In Pokemon Sword and Shield

To evolve Feebas into Milotic, you need to trade Feebas while it is holding a Prism Scale. There is no level requirement, so look for a friend and make sure you’ve got a Pokemon to swap it back for. Set up a Link Trade by entering the same code and swapping the Feebas back and forth to obtain your new Milotic.
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