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22 Best Hidden Roku Channels You Should Add Right Now


Roku helps to make your TV come alive as a smart TV. Although it is available in several models and specifications, it lets you add channels to watch entertaining content. This walkthrough will highlight the 22 best hidden Roku channels you should add right now.

Yes, Roku offers a vast collection of free and paid channels. In addition, there are other hidden contents to discover.

Adding Private Or Hidden Channels to Roku

To add the private channels, you require two things:

  • The channel’s code (we have included the codes in our list below)
  • A Roku account (set one up for free on the Roku website)

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Once you have created an account and know the channel code, it’s easy to add channels.

To begin, navigate to your account portal and click Add a channel with a code. Then, insert the code, accept the on-screen confirmation, and you’re done.

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The channel should immediately appear at the bottom of the channel list on your Roku’s home screen. If it doesn’t, you can force a refresh by going to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on the device.

Note: Some Private Roku Channels are region selective

1. The Space Opera Channel

Access Code: (soctv)

The Space Opera Channel offers sci-fi series and indie fan films. In addition, iconic shows such as Flash Gordon, Space Angel, and Captain Z-Ro are accessible.

2. Nowhere TV

Access Code: (NMJS5)

NowhereTV is one of the oldest hidden channels on Roku, where you’ll discover a broad array of content from networks like PBC, ABC, NBC, BBC, and HBO. Of course, there’s also plenty of sports content such as the NFL, MLB, and more.

3. El Cartel TV

Access Code: (chibchombiatv)

El Cartel TV gives access to numerous South American live TV channels, particularly those originating in Colombia. Some of the more prominent channels available include Canal Uno, Canal Capital, and TeleSUR.

4. iTunes Podcasts

Access Code: (ITPC)

iTunes podcasts enable you to listen to free iTunes podcasts. You don’t have to install iTunes on your computer as this private channel doesn’t mandate an iTunes account to run, and it streams podcasts straight from iTunes’ library of podcasts.

5. Unofficial Twitch Tv

Access Code: (TwitchTV)

Unofficial Twitch Tv is for the game geeks. Although unofficial, it provides features that grant access to all of Twitch without restrictions

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6. EuroRoku

Access Code: (296XJKP)

This paid hidden Roku channel lets you permit live streams of popular European TV stations. EuroRoku has up to 300 channels, encompassing networks from Belgium, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, and Moldova.

7. RokuCast

Access Code:(CL9D5D)

You can access HTML5 content directly from the Chrome browser on your PC with your Roku device with RokuCast. All you need is a Chrome extension and this channel.

8. AOL On

Access Code: aol

AOL On used to be a regular channel but is now hidden. It offers content from 17 TV networks, including BBC News, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, ET Online, Food Network, and HGTV.

9. Armchair Tourist

Access Code: ArmchairTourist

Branded as “Free HD Wallpaper for your Television,” Armchair Tourist is a live stream of tourist hotspots worldwide. Each stream has a four-digit code that you can enter on the Armchair Tourist website for more information about the location in question.

10. FOX Business

Access Code: FOXBIZ

FOX Business Roku channel Along with Bloomberg and CNBC, FOX Business is one of the three big American news networks about finance, business, and global markets.

If you are into stocks, foreign exchange, and all of that sort, this is your forte.

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11. RokuMovies

Access Code: zb34ac

RokuMovies is different from the official The Roku Channel. It specializes in bringing you the world’s strangest and most outlandish low-budget films.

Give it a try if you like giant monsters and forgotten kung-fu flicks with absurd storylines.

12. Video Games

Access Code: T6PH2V

Video Games is another one for gamers. It includes complete walkthroughs of nine classic video games from 1988 to 2004. The games available include The Legend of Zelda; A Link to the Past, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Super Metroid.

13. DISHWorld

Bragging rights by Sling, DISHWorld is an international TV service that lets you watch live TV in more than 15 languages. In addition to the private Roku channel, the app is also available as an APK for Android.

14. Arirang TV and Radio

Access Code: (ArirangTV)

The k-kulture isn’t left out.

Arirang TV and radio is one of the go-to channels for South Korean TV and radio programming. This private Roku channel gives access to documentaries, cultural features, and more.

15. Space Time

Access Code: (CN6MRTG)

As the name suggests, it’s all about space. With contents from Space Agencies worldwide, especially NASA, this stands tall as your go-to for astronomy due to its high-resolution footage.

16. MultiLive

Access Code: (DNLMPK)

Want to stream European TV channels? MultiLive won’t dissatisfy you as it comes with dozens of channels from Berlin, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, and Cyprus.

17. Weather Radar

Access Code: (radar)

Weather Radar gives you access to everything weather-related you can think of. Since the information is sourced from the US National Weather Service, you can be sure it’s up-to-date and reliable.

18. StreamNowTV

Access Code: (sntvdemo)

Fan of indie flicks? StreamNowTV’s beta version offers movies from independent contributors across various genres like horror, action, drama, and comedy.

19. Silent Movies

Access Code: (RLQXKG)

Films are considered outdated, but here you can still reminisce on the likes of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd. All you need is the Silent Movies channel!

20. 5ik.TV

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Access Code: (5ikTV)

With 5ik.TV, you can stream live TV channels from the Far East countries like South Korea, Japan, and China. Unfortunately, however, the interface of this private Roku channel isn’t in English. Too bad.

21. Happy Kids TV

Access Code: (HappyKids)

You bet there’s also something for the kids. Happy Kids TV has a wide variety of kid’s programming like music, activity guides, and more. You also get access to some popular movies and TV shows for kids.

22. Silent Night

Access Code: SilentNight

Silent Night is the first of two hidden Roku channels on our list that caters to silent movie fans. They both offer a different selection of films to complement each other well.

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