Friday, July 1, 2022
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How To Easily Reset Your Roku Remote

In this article, We have compiled some ways you could use to easily reset your Roku Remote.

Remote controls can be stubborn or faulty, and this can be annoying. Usually, it’s a simple case of lost pairing. However, in this article, We have compiled some ways you could use to reset your Roku Remote easily.

Note: The Roku IR remote doesn’t have pairing components like the Enhanced Remote and cannot be paired with a Roku receiver. To know which remote you have, remove the battery cover on the back. If it’s an IR remote, there won’t be a pairing button at the bottom of the remote. Enhanced remotes have either a single pairing button or a pairing button with an indicator light.

How to Reset Your Roku Remote

  • Regardless of what type of enhanced remote you own, you’ll need to open the battery cover on the bottom of the remote and remove the batteries to begin the pairing process.
  • Remove the power cable from your Roku receiver, wait 5 seconds, then reconnect the power cable.
  • Once your Roku receiver displays the home screen, reinstall the batteries into your remote.

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How To Pair A Roku Remote

After trying all of the above, it’s finally time to Pair the Remote. Let’s look at the second most universal cause of its woes: pairing. When you first set up a Roku player, it should automatically pair with your remote control. Modern varieties will even pair your remote control promptly with your TV so that you can regulate volume and power settings, too.

The problem is that various circumstances can disrupt this pairing, from weak Wi-Fi to a factory reset. And if your remote control won’t interact with your Roku, your streaming gadget is broken. Luckily, every Roku device has an easy way to re-establish the connection. Here’s how you do it:

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  • Remove the back cover from your Roku remote.
  • You should notice a tiny circular button underneath the batteries: this is the pairing button.
  • Take the remote as close as you can to your Roku device, then hold down that button for 3 seconds
  • A pairing dialogue should pop up on the screen within a few more seconds. Interact with it and ensure pairing

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Using Roku Mobile App

Roku’s mobile app is versatile. It provides discovery of the new channels, casting content, and quick search for media. Your phone can be used as a remote control with this app. All you have to do is:

  • Install the Roku app for your device, android or iOS
  • Establish a connection between your phone and the same wireless network as your Roku player, then tap on the Remote tab.
  • A message with a D-pad and a handful of media controls will pop up, and just like that: You’ve got a bona fide Roku remote.

Using your phone seems convenient, but then it could drain your battery.

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