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What Is An Ethernet Port? Everything You Need To Know

In this article, we will explaining what an Ethernet Port means and everything you need to know.

This, also known as a jack or socket, is an opening on computer network equipment that Ethernet cables plug into. This article will explain what an Ethernet Port means and everything you need to know.

What they do is to connect wired network hardware in an Ethernet LAN, metropolitan area network (MAN), or wide area network (WAN),

It is also known as LAN ports, Ethernet connections, Ethernet jacks, LAN sockets, and network ports.

What Do Ethernet Ports Look Like?

This is found on the back of a computer, and it is located on the side of a laptop, also on the router, however, 

A router may have several ports to accommodate multiple wired devices on a network, just like hubs and modems.

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This does not just connect any port but only accepts a cable with an RJ-45 connector. The alternative way to use the Ethernet function is WiFi, which eliminates the need for cable and port.

It looks like a square with a couple of rigid areas at the bottom, and also, the cable is built the same way, usually with a clip to hold the cable in the ethernet port.

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Ethernet Ports On Computers

Most desktop computers comprise one built-in Ethernet port, which connects the device to a wired network.

A computer’s built-in Ethernet port is attached to its inward Ethernet network adapter, known as an Ethernet card, and can be found attached to the motherboard.

Troubleshoot Ethernet Port Issues

A major reason for a failed internet connectivity on a computer is the Ethernet, meaning if your computer experiences internet connectivity issues, that is the first place to look.

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There are Reasons For Internet Connectivity Issues On Computer

1. When The Network Cable Is Unplugged

This happens when a computer or laptop is moved, which can hit the cable out of the port.

2. When The Network Card Is Unseated

Moving the computer around may cause the card to shift from the expansion slot on the motherboard.

3. Missing Or Corrupt Network Card Drivers

This is the network driver for the network card, which can become outdated, corrupt, or missing.

Ethernet Ports On Routers

All routers feature one or more of it. So that multiple wired computers in a network can reach the internet and the other connected devices on the network.

A WAN port is a special Ethernet jack on a router that connects to a broadband modem.

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Ethernet Ports On Consumer Electronics

Consumer gadgets such as video game consoles, digital video recorders, and televisions also have it for home networking.

In conclusion, you can find it on almost every networking device because they are tools to connect multiple devices using that cable.

Although WiFi technology has reduced the need for ports in some devices, they are still an important tool for any size network.

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