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How to Fix it When Sling TV is not Working on Roku


There are many reasons why your sling TV is not working on Roku. This can happen due to a bad internet connection, or the problem may be on the Sling application itself and sometimes Roku. However, the good newsabout this is that there are also different ways to troubleshoot the issue. This article explains how to fix it when Sling TV is not working on Roku.

How to Fix it When Sling TV is not Working on Roku

Here is a list of common methods to troubleshoot your Sling TV not working on Roku:

Method One: Force Close Sling TV App and Relaunch it

Sling TV not working on Roku might be due to a temporary glitch related to the Sling mobile application, and you can take care of this glitch by force closing the application and relaunching it. Now, follow the below steps to get that done:

  • First, exit the Sling app and launch the Settings on your smartphone.
  • Next, choose Apps or Application Manager and click on Sling TV.
  • Next, locate and click on the Force Stop button and confirm to stop the application from running.
  • Then, relaunch the application in question and check if it’s now working fine.

Method Two: Uninstall and Reinstall Sling App

This is another way to get rid of temporary glitches that might be affecting your Sling not working on Roku. First, try to uninstall the sling app and reinstall it. After reinstalling the app, check if the problem is fixed. But if not, proceed to the next method.

Method Three: Clear Sling TV App Cache

A stored cache is used to improve your user experience by loading contents faster, but this stored cache can get corrupted for some reason. A corrupted cache can affect your sling from loading, so we recommend clearing the application’s cache in question. You can do that by following the below steps:

  • Open your Settings app.
  • Locate and click on Apps.
  • Then, choose Manage Installed Application.
  • Now, open the Sling TV and then select Clear Cache.

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