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How To Fix Amazon FireStick TV Not Working

In this tutorial, we will be explaining how to fix Amazon FireStick TV not working.

The Amazon Fire Stick comes with many features and there are many third-party apps you can install to extend its functionalities. Occasionally, you may find that your Fire Stick is not working. In this tutorial, we will be explaining how to fix Amazon FireStick TV not working.

You may either see a blank screen, issues with streaming content, or the remote to control the features won’t work. Equipped with so many delightful features, it would be a bum for you to not be able to access it.

You can even install third-party apps to add more features. Sometimes, it fails to work. Here today, we will show you how to fix common problems encountered with the users.

Regardless of the issue, there are multiple ways to fix it when your Amazon Fire Stick is not working.

1. Ensure that Your Set up is Adequate

You should first check to confirm that your Fire TV Stick is properly set up. This might sound ridiculous but sometimes cables can get loose and damaged. You can even try a difference HDMI port on your TV too.

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Also, make sure your Stick is powered properly, connected to a wall outlet or power strip, and that you’re using the original power adapter if it’s still within your possession.

Using one of your TV’s spare USB ports is frowned upon. This is because they aren’t compatible with a Fire Stick.

2. Restart Your Fire Stick

Everyone knows this. It’s the regular instinctive go-to fix for any device. It clears up storage and helps you start afresh.

  • From the main screen, go to Settings located at the top.
Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek
  • Navigate to the right and select the option that reads “My Fire TV”.
Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek
  • Move down from there and select the Restart Option
Amazon FireStick TV Not Working Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek
  • A message pops up, confirm the Restart. This makes your Fire Stick reboot.
Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek

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3. Resolving Screen Mirroring Issues On The Fire Stick

Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek

If you’re experiencing issues mirroring the screen of your devices to the Fire Stick, you must make sure your devices are compatible with the feature. The Fire Stick doesn’t support the following devices for screen mirroring.

  1. iOS devices which include iPhone and iPad.
  2. All Mac computers.

It is compatible with Android devices of version 4.2 upwards only.

You must also be certain that your Fire Stick supports screen mirroring:

  • Press the Home button down on your remote.
  • The mirroring option if your Fire Stick supports the feature and it won’t come up if it doesn’t support the feature… That simple.

4. Resolving The Blank Screen Issue With The Fire Stick

If after you turn on your Fire Stick and a blank screen comes up, this could be the result of a loose or broken cable connection.

  • Be sure you are using the right cables as stated earlier
  • Make sure the HDMI cable is plugged in
  • In case the HDMI cable is broken, replace it with a suitable one
  • Restart your Fire Stick a number of times

5. Resolving Buffering Issues On The Fire Stick

As long as you stream online, you can’t escape a few buffering issues. But it becomes worrisome when it’s incessant.

You can simply turn off your data monitor. A feature that tracks how much data you have used and tries to manage it.

  • Go to settings from main screen
Amazon FireStick TV Not Working Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek
  • Move to the right and select “Preferences”
Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek

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  • Next, click the Data Monitoring option
Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek
  • Switch it off.
Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek
  • This should resolve that issue

6. Remote Issues

Sometimes, the issue could stem from your remote. It could be resolved with a simple restart too.

Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek

In case it still fails, you can reset and repair a Fire TV Stick remote by holding down the Home button for up to 20 seconds.

Also, try taking the batteries out and putting them back in again—or swapping them for a new pair. Give the battery connectors a quick wipe to clean them while you’re at it.

If the above fails, the remote might be broken. Don’t worry, there are plenty of replacement Fire Stick remotes you can buy, and while you’re waiting for it to arrive you can use your phone as a controller instead. Just download the app.

7. App Crashes

This is for when you experience frequent apps crashes. You can clear your cache and data files for those apps and have to delete and reinstall the apps in some cases.

  • Navigate to settings
  • Select Applications on the screen that loads
  • Select “Manage Installed Applications” to view your apps.
  • Click on the faulty app.
  • Navigate to the bottom and clear the cache and storage.
  • Restart the app and see if it still persists.
Amazon FireStick TV Not Working Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek

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In case it still persists, uninstall the apps and reinstall them again.

Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek

8. Prevent The Fire Stick From Reading Your Screen

If your Fire Stick is reading all the content on your screen out loud, that’s not an issue but a feature that the stick comes with. You can disable the feature to get rid of this annoyance.

  • From your settings, scroll right and select “Accessibility”
Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek
  • Select “VoiceView”
Amazon FireStick TV Not Working Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek
  • Turn it off and you are good to go.
Amazon FireStick TV Not Working Image Credit: HelpDeskGeek

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9. Internet Issues On The Fire Stick

In case issues connecting to the Internet on your Fire Stick, first make sure that your Internet connection is active and that it works. Then, reboot your modem and re-connect your Fire Stick to it.

You can forget and reconnect to your WiFi network as follows.

  • From the Settings menu, click on Network
  • Choose your Wifi network and press the hamburger button on your Fire Stick remote.
  • Reconnect to your WiFi network.

10. Check For Recent Updates

Usually, updates are automatic. But if you notice that no update has been done in a long time, you can do it manually:

  • Navigate to the My Fire TV option from the Settings menu
  • Click About on the following screen.
  • Select Install Update if an update is available to be installed.

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