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How to Open an iPhone SIM Card Without an Ejector Tool


How to Open an iPhone SIM Card Without an Ejector Tool – SIM ejector tool is a tiny metal that comes with your smartphone when bought new. Being small means that the SIM ejector tool is very easy to misplace.

So, how do you open your iPhone SIM tray when you can’t find your SIM ejector tool?

This article will explain how to open an iPhone SIM card without an ejector tool. Instructions in this article apply to all iPhone models.

Where You’ll Find Your SIM Ejector Tool

If you can’t find it in a separate spot inside the box, the SIM ejector tool may be hidden in one of the papers in your iPhone box, such as legal notices and getting-started guides. It’s a small piece of metal attached to a white piece of paper; this makes it easy to throw out accidentally.

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How to Open an iPhone SIM Card Without an Ejector Tool

If you can’t find the tool or bought an iPhone secondhand, there are other ways to open the SIM tray to add or replace a SIM card.

Use Paper clip to Open an iPhone SIM Card

Probably the next most common thing, if you happen to work in an office. Not the fat plastic-coated paper clips, but pretty much any tiny metal paper clip will get your SIM tray ejected.

Most small and average size paper clips work by bending one side.

Use Safety Pin to Open an iPhone SIM Card

A safety pin is something very ubiquitous and found in nearly every household. Thanks to its sharp, pointed edge, it makes for a great SIM tool. Not all sizes of safety pins work. Find the smallest safety pin possible to fit inside the hole.

Use Earring to Open an iPhone SIM Card

An earring works in a pinch. Take off the earring back and insert the post into the SIM tray hole. Be careful because soft materials such as gold bend easily.


This is an option that can be used as a last resort if none of the objects above are at your disposal. Most toothpicks are a little too wide for the iPhone SIM hole. Whittle away some of the wood to make it fit and break off the tip.

iPhone Models and SIM Tray Locations

The SIM tray, a narrow oval with a tiny circle beneath it, is on the phone’s right side on most iPhones and sits flush with the side of the phone and isn’t visible if you’re using a phone case. On the earliest models, it’s on the bottom edge of the phone.

The iPhone XS Max was the first iPhone to switch the SIM card’s direction rested on the SIM tray. Instead of sitting on the tray facing you, the SIM card sits on the backside of the tray.

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