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iPhone XS Max Vs. iPhone 8 Plus Comparison

In this article, we've compared iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone XS Max to see what's difference between both devices. Click to see full comparison.

Author:Daniel BarrettMay 30, 202248799 Shares697134 Views
iPhoneXS Max Vs. iPhone 8Plus– The iPhone XS Max is a massive phone. It’s the largest of the three iPhones Apple released in 2018, making it a successor to the iPhone 8 Plus, even though it has more of the iPhone X’s specs.
Not only is the handset big, but it’s also hugely popular. So even in 2021, you could say iPhone XS Max is a worthy competitor to the likes of the iPhone 11 and 12.
The iPhone XS Max is an expensive device, but with a constant slew of iPhone Max deals, you can usually find it for a lower price than it launched at, and that’ll be the case even more during Amazon Prime Day sales.
To help you get a grip on Apple’s massive phablets, both the old and the new, we’ve compared both iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XS Max to see what’s changed precisely and work out what you’ll receive for the huge price tag Apple has put on the iPhone XS Max.

iPhone XS Max vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Design and Build

These two phones look very different. The XS Max keeps the design first seen on the discontinued iPhone X and enlarges it to a 6.5 screen, the largest ever on an iPhone.
Thanks to the tall 19.5:9 aspect ratio, it’s slimmer than you might imagine. The iPhone 8 Plus has a 16:9 screen and is a whole inch smaller at 5.5in. Because of the aspect ratio differences, the phones are nearly the same size despite looking very different.
The iPhone XS Max is shorter and thinner than the 8 Plus and only 0.2mm thicker, which you won’t even notice. But to achieve this size, it has a notch at the top of the display to hold the camera and Face ID sensors.
The bezels on the iPhone 8 Plus recall the classic iPhone design, which means it still has the home button, something the XS Max lacks.
You get a stainless-steel rim around the XS Max and an aluminum one on the 8 Plus, the latter being a bit more grippy. Unfortunately, neither phone has a headphone jack, with only a Lightning port on the bottom.
And the colors differ too. The iPhone XS Max is available in silver, space grey, and gold, while the iPhone 8 Plus comes in all those and adds red to the mix.
The XS Max is the better looking for sheer futuristic allure, but the 8 Plus is still a premium device.

iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 8 Plus: Display

Both these phones have big screens, but the iPhone XS Max is the largest at 6.5 inches, while the iPhone 8 Plus is 5.5 inches.
The XS Max is also higher resolution at 1242 x 2688 and 458 pixels per inch than the 1080 x 1920, 401ppi display on the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone XS Max has a narrower aspect ratio too, and it uses OLED, while the iPhone 8 Plus has an LCD display.
The difference in display techmeans you can expect better contrast and more vibrant colors from the XS Max.

iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 8 Plus: Camera and Battery

Both the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone 8 Plus have a dual-lens 12MP rear camera, powering optical zoom and portrait mode, but the iPhone XS Max has optical image stabilization on both lenses, while the 8 Plus has it on just one.
There are other improvements to the iPhone XS Max’s camera, including new features like adjusting the depth of field after taking a photo.
There’s less difference around the front, though, as both phones have a TrueDepth front-facing camera, which allows for depth-sensing in Portrait Mode and powers Face ID.
The iPhone XS Max sports a 3,174mAh Li-Ion battery capacity and has an endurance rating of 79hrs. The iPhone 8 Plus, meanwhile, has a 2,691mAh battery, which we found in our review amounted to all-day life, but not much more.

iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 8 Plus: Software and Apps

Both phones will run iOS 12very smoothly. The main difference is on the iPhone XS Max. You have to use swipe gestures in the UI as you haven’t got a home button. Swipe up to go home, and swipe up and hold to view the app switcher are the main things to learn, with a pull-down from the top right to access the control center.
On the 8 Plus, the home button and swipe from the bottom from the control center are still in place as they have been for some time.
The Face ID camera array on the XS Max can record Memoji and Animoji as it can scan your face in 3D – the 8 Plus can receive these creations but can’t create them.
Otherwise, you don’t lose out on much by having the cheaper 8 Plus – it’s mainly Face ID and the novelty emoji fun you can have with it.

iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 8 Plus: OS and Power

A new year means a new chipset. You’re getting the A12 Bionic in the iPhone XS Max, while the iPhone 8 Plus has its predecessor, the A11 Bionic. That’s no slouch, but you can expect top-tier power from the iPhone XS Max.
Specifically, it’s up to 15% faster and up to 50% more energy efficient – depending on which combination of its six cores is in play. The GPU and neural engine have also been vastly improved for the iPhone XS Max.
There’s less difference when it comes to the operating system. The XS Max ships with the iOS 12, but you’ll be able to update the iPhone 8 Plus to match, and both are upgradable to the latest iOS 15.

Key Specifications

iPhone XS Max vs iPhone 8 Plus: Price and Availability

The iPhone XS Max went on sale on 21 September 2018 and cost $1,099 for the 64GB model. However, in 2021, the 64GB model will now cost around $449.
The iPhone 8 Plus now costs less than it did at launch, starting at $349 for 64GB, with a 256GB version. Even at launch, it was less than the iPhone XS Max.
As you can see, the XS Max is quite a lot more than the 8 Plus.

Bottom Line

The iPhone 8 Plus is the most capable iPhone remaining, with the home button and no notch. It’s got good battery life, dual cameras, and a still-fast processor. With the full support of the latest iOS for a few more years, it is by no means a wrong choice.
But the iPhone XS Max is one of the most powerful iPhones ever. It has a taller, larger, better OLED display, Face ID, and faster performance.
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