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How to use Google Image Search on an iPhone


Google Images Search can look up information about an image or visually similar images, but somehow people only believe this can be done only on a PC. However, there are ways to look up images on your iPhone and iPad. In this article, we will discuss how to use Google Image Search on an iPhone.

You’re scrolling through your photos gallery, and you notice a beautiful picture that looks like a celebrity, but you can’t remember their name. You try your best to figure out who’s image could be, or one of your friends posted a picture you would like to know about. The best way to learn more about Images without asking a friend is by searching the Image online.

There are two apps from which you can do a Google image search from an iPhone or iPad: the Chrome app (appropriately enough) and the native Safari app. We’ll show you how to use both — with Spider-Man as a visual aid, because why not?

However, two different apps give you access to search Images online via your iPhone or iPad. Google Chrome and Safari are the best browser applications to search for anyone’s Image.

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How to use Google image search on an iPhone

Here’s how to search Image with Google Chrome and Safari:

1. Search via Safari

  • Firstly, make sure the image you want to search is already saved to your phone.
  • Launch your Safari browser app and enter the URL “images.google.com” in the search bar.
  • You will be taken to the images site and tap the double-A button on the left side of the bar. ( This will take you to Safari‘s mini settings menu, and from here, tap “Request Desktop Website.”)
How to use Google Image Search on an iPhone
How to use Google Image Search on an iPhone
  • Then, the site will be forced to reload in its desktop form.
  • Now, locate and tap the camera.
  • Then, you can copy an image to your keyboard and paste it here with “Paste Image URL.” But we suggest you use “Upload an Image” instead.

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  • With the “Upload an Image” option, you can choose “Photo Library” and tap the photo you saved earlier.
How to use Google Image Search on an iPhone
How to use Google Image Search on an iPhone
  • Now, you’ll notice Google searching for matches for the uploaded image.

2. Search via Google Chrome

  • Go to the Image you want to search for and long press on the Image.
  • Then, select “Copy Image” and open a tap in the Chrome app.
  • Now, click on your search bar. Under the search bar, locate and select the option that says “Image You Copied.”
  • Google will now search for matches.

Bingo!! You can now do an image search using Google Image Search on your iPhone or iPad.

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