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How to Easily Add Storage on a Laptop

This article explains how to increase the storage capacity of a laptop. No matter how big your laptop's storage is, at one time it will...

Author:Daniel BarrettSep 02, 2022111227 Shares1544817 Views
When buying a new laptop, its data storage is one of the most important factors to consider. Over time, the storage may fill up before you’re ready to buy a new laptop. Luckily, you can increase the storage capacity of the laptop. This article explains how to increase the storage capacity of a laptop. However, it’s worth pointing out that MacBook computers do not allow internal storage expansion.

How to Increase Storage on a Laptop

No matter how big your laptop’s storage is, it will reach its maximum capacity at one time. Having no space is inconvenient and slows down Windows and the applications you are trying to run on your laptop.

Upgrade Your Hard Drive

You can upgrade your laptop’s hard drive to a new drive with more storage space. For example, instead of 500 GB, you can have 1 TB.
There are many types of hard drives (SATAI, SATAII, SATAIII), so make sure to choose one compatible with your laptop when buying a new hard drive.

Use an External Drive to Add Storage to a Laptop

If you access most of your files only rarely and only need very few files accessible all the time, an external drive is your best option. Thumb drives and Micro-SD cards would be considered external drives in this case.

Use Cloud Storage

Cloud storage doesn’t cost anything to use up to a specific limit. After a certain limit, you’ll only have to pay a small monthly fee, and you can even sync a folder on your PCwith cloud storage.
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