Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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eMMC Vs. SSD Storage: Everything You Need to Know

In this article, we will be explaining eMMC vs. SSD Storage and everything you need to know.

eMMC is the flash storage you’ll find in cheap tablets and laptops. It’s slower and more affordable than a traditional SSD on more expensive computers. In this article, we will be explaining eMMC vs. SSD Storage and everything you need to know.

What is eMMC storage?

(eMMC) MultiMediaCard storage was the harbinger of what is generally known as Secure Digital (SD) storage. But, can only find its embedded version (eMMC) much more often.

You can find it in phones, compact, budget laptops, or tablets. The “e” part of the name that means “embedded” comes from the storage being fused directly onto the device’s motherboard. 

It Consists of NAND flash memory that can be found in USB thumb drives, SD cards, and solid-state drives (SSD) and doesn’t require power to conserve data.

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The Storage’s Speed

eMMC Vs. SSD Storage

The current standard for eMMC current standard storage is v5.1A, which can transfer speeds of 400 MB/s.

However, the transfer rate not only determines the effect on the device’s performance.

eMMC storage operates with fewer memory gates than an SSD, which means it can still deliver at the same speed, just not at the same volume.

If you want storage that can deliver data very fast, then you might want to check out a PCIe SSD 

PCIe SSD can reach read speeds up to 3,500 MB/s, which is faster than eMMC storage.

How Big Does eMMC Storage Get?

eMMC Vs SSD Storage

The most common sizes of eMMC storage come with either 32GB or 64GB, but you can also find 128GB and 256GB storage.

eMMC storage works better with files of small sizes, so you may want to consider an SSD if you’re often working with large files.

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SSDs’ size starts from 128GB and then moves up to multiple terabytes. They are also usually considerably more expensive. 

When To Use eMMC Storage?

eMMC Vs SSD Storage

Whether you are using this or not is based on your budget and the device’s purpose. Devices like a tablet or notebook whose only purpose is to browse the internet and watch stream media can go with it. 

Understand that this is not all made the same, so you might want to check reviews for speed benchmarks before making a final decision.

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