How To Connect Any Phone Or Tablet To Your Smart TV Using USB

    Smartphones are a great way to download video but it can not be compared with watching the content on your 4K TV.  In this article, we will be discussing ways to connect any  phone or tablet to a Smart TV using a USB Cable.

    For those times when you wish to watch the videos you have on your phone on TV, there are multiple ways you can connect your mobile to your TV, with or without a cable.

    Connecting Your Phone To A SmartTV Without HDMI Cable

    You can connect your phone that a TV without HDMI Cable is by making use of google’s dongle device. 

    Connect Any Phone Or Tablet To Your Smart TV Using USB

    This requires you to purchase a Chromecast,  Google’s dongle device plugs directly into the TV and allows the user to “cast” videos, images, and files, from apps to the TV screen.

    It works with iOS, and same as android.

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    Some users might need to get a new device as some smart TVs now comes with Chromecast support built-in.

    Also, Some TVs and STBs come with AirPlay (Apple’s equivalent) support, which also makes it easy to send content from an iPhone, without the need for a device like Google’s Chromecast.

    Mirroring Your Phone To The TV

    Another way you can connect your phone to your smartTV is to use the mirroring feature that is already available on phones. 

    Screen Mirroring/ Screencast feature is available in settings on Android phones while Samsung phone owners may find the feature referred to as “Smart View.”

    It can also be found on iPhone via the control center. 

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    It doesn’t require an app with mirroring before it works.

    Though the wireless option above is the easiest way to connect a phone to a TV, they do come with one major caveat which requires both devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

    If both devices are connected to the same wifi network, then you won’t have an issue while casting or mirroring your smartphone to your 4k TV.

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