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Google Pay Vs Samsung Pay: Everything You Need To Know

In this walkthrough, we will compare Google Pay vs Samsung Pay and highlight everything you need to know.

Google Pay Vs Samsung Pay – Samsung Pay and Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) are digital wallets systems. Both allow you to buy goods in real world and over the web without employing a physical Mastercard to finish the transaction. In this walkthrough, we will compare Google Pay vs Samsung Pay and highlight everything you need to know.

They work an equivalent way, but they’re different systems. Here’s how they compare.
NFC payments are, despite what you’ll hear, highly secure. As long as your phone’s lockscreen is about up during a reasonably difficult-to-bypass way, NFC is really safer than employing a physical Mastercard.

That’s not simply because of the additional authentication layer, but because your true mastercard number isn’t stored on your phone in the least with NFC payments. Instead, a virtual card number is assigned to you, which is what the cardboard reader sees once you use tap-to-pay, making your real card number much harder to compromise because the point of sale level.

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Let’s take a look at their features, disadvantages, and advantages for you to decide which is better for you.

Samsung Pay

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Samsung Pay, a mobile payment app built into most new Samsung smartphones that support NFC (near-field communication), including most of the Galaxy S series. it is also compatible with the newest Samsung smart-watches, including the Galaxy Watch. The Samsung Pay app isn’t compatible with non-Samsung devices, though.

After adding your card (Samsung Pay supports almost as many cards as Google), you’ll initiate a payment from the lock screen or home screen with a swipe-up gesture. You’ll also switch between cards from this UI. Samsung has an additional security step to form a payment compared to Google, though.

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Like Google Pay, Samsung Pay has support for gift and membership cards. Samsung also offers numerous discounts and special deals, but it can find yourself being a touch spammy. Odds are you will not care about most of the retailers offering discounts within the app, and Samsung even pushes promo notifications sometimes.

You’ll disable the varied deal and partner notification channels, but the app itself still has what amount to ads everywhere the place, not unlike the redesigned Google Pay app.

Samsung Pay Advantages

  • Possesses technology that works with most mastercard machines.
  • Can use PayPal for in-store purchases.

Samsung Pay Disadvantages

  • Available only on Samsung devices.

Google Pay

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Google Pay (which is out there on Android, desktop browsers, and iOS) gives you the power to buy purchases, reimburse friends and family for expenses, and receive payments.

Like Samsung Pay, you’ll store your credit and debit cards also as connect it to your PayPal account. you’ll also load loyalty and gift cards to your account to be used within the mobile app. Google Pay has a feature that stores movie and event tickets also as coupons, and in some cities, transit passes.

Formerly referred to as Android Pay, the Google Pay app is compatible with smartphones with Android Lollipop 5.0 or later and iPhones with iOS 9 or later. The app is additionally compatible with Wear OS smartwatches. Check the list of apps on your watch to ascertain if Google Pay is pre-installed. If it isn’t , your watch doesn’t support Google Pay.

Google Pay Advantages

  • Compatible with most recent Android devices.
  • It has an iOS version
  • Your PayPal can be connected to your account
  • Settle funds between friends and families

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Google Pay Disadvantages

In-store purchase does not apply to Apple Users.

Bottom Line

Considering the best fit for you, then this article provides that. With the differences settled, you can actually use both in the end because Samsung supports the two.

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