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Why Does Every Camera Put Photos in a DCIM Folder

This article will explain why every camera puts photos in a DCIM folder. Click the link to read the full guide.

Daniel Barrett
Jul 01, 20227412 Shares185310 Views
DCIM stands for Digital Camera Images, a folder where all pictures taken are saved. However, whether you take the photo using your default camera app or take a picture using Snapchat or other dedicated applications for taking pictures or videos. This article will explain why every camera puts photos in a DCIM folder.
You must have noticed that whenever you use a specific app to view or edit and share the photos you take with your smartphones, all these photos are also saved in that folder.

Why Does Every Camera Put Photos In A DCIM Folder

The folder and its layout come from DCF, and a standard was created back in 2003. DCF is so valuable because it provides a standard format. DCF is a specification developed by JEITA, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association.
DCF is a “de facto” standard, which means that enough digital cameras and smartphone makers have adopted it. However, this has become a consistent standard in the real world. Furthermore, when you connect an SD card to a PC, the standardized DCIM format means digital camera picture-transfer software can automatically identify photos on a digital camera.
DCIM serves the purpose of smartphones. This is perfectly why all photos are saved in there. When you connect an iPhoneor Androidphone to your computer, the computer or photo-library software can read the DCIM folder.
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