Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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5 Best Facial Recognition Search Engines For Tracking Picture

In this article, we will be discussing what Facial recognition is and highlight 5 best facial recognition search engines for tracking pictures.

Face recognition search – Do you know that you can use an image to search for information online?. In this article, we will be discussing what Facial recognition is and highlight 5 best facial recognition search engines for tracking pictures.

Not only does facial recognition can reveal your online (celebrity) lookalikes or your age when searched online in an entertaining aspect, but it also unique and ageless as a fingerprint in terms of security.

Facial Recognition Search Engines and Face Recognition Online Tools

Looking for a face recognition search engine that you wail away your boredom with?

Below are the five face recognition search engines that may elate you

1. Google Images Search: Reverse Face Search

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You can search for specific information on Google by using images, Amazing right? Check below to see how.

  • Click the camera icon on the Google search space bar.
  • Paste the image URL or upload an image.
  • Wait for a few seconds and Google will find similar images and information on it.

Note: Google also offers its face recognition in Google Photos.

2. PicTriev: Face Recognition

In PicTriev, add the link or upload a photo in JPG or JPEG format, not large than 200 KB.

Facial Recognition Search Engines For Tracking Picture

The search engine will return matching celebrity images found online.

PicTriev also allows you to compare the similarity of two faces or figure out each identification of the two faces.

  • All you have to do is Click the meter icon on the top right.
  • Upload two photos
  • Select similarity or identity, and let PicTriev do its calculations.

3. TinEye: Reverse Image Search

TinEye does not support any more search operators, making it easier and more basic. 

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You can upload an image or paste a link and search for it. 

Note that, unlike Google, TinEye links directly to the pages where it found the images and it skips similar images.

4. PimEyes: Face Search (Facial Recognition )

This is Similar to Google’s reverse face search.

It uses images and faces recognition to search for similar faces on over 10 million websites. 

PimEyes offers a 24-hour deal that unlocks access to its premium search results.

5. Betaface: Facial Recognition Demo

Betaface offers a facial recognition search comparable to PicTriev’s photo identification. 

  • All you have to do is to upload an image or send the image URL.
  • Then the face search engine will isolate and define all the faces it can recognize in the photo.
  • Compare the faces with other images you uploaded.
  • Search celebrities, or search Wikipedia for each recognized face. 
  • The results will appear in the Face recognition matches table.
  • Betaface tool is useful for uploading and comparing photos in bulk.

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How-Old.net: How Old Do You Look?

This tool built by Microsoft uses a photo to guess the subject’s age. 

What Does Your Face Reveal?

Not only can they help the police identify suspects from security camera footage. 

They can also help media companies index visual material and build large and easy to search archives. 

It can also can replace passwords and keys.

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