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What to do if Your iPad is Charging Slow

iPad is Charging Slow? - This article covers the six solutions to try when you are having trouble charging your iPad. Click to read more

Daniel Barrett
Aug 28, 202215283 Shares305669 Views
iPad is Charging Slow?– Many people enjoy the benefits of owning an iPad. You get Apple’s product dependability, and the device combines many of the features of both a full-sized computer and a portable electronic device.
iPads can sometimes be susceptible to charging issues, though. If yours is slow to charge, for instance, then you might be at a loss as to how to solve the problem. After reading this article, though, you’ll know what to do. Let’s get started with some suggestions.

Why won’t My iPad Charge?

Stop charging your iPad with your computer. Your laptop or desktop computer may not output enough power to charge your iPad, especially if it is an older PC. The iPad requires considerably more power to charge than the iPhone, so even if your smartphone charges up fine with your computer, the iPad may take a lot longer.
When you connect your iPad to an older computer, you may see the warning “Not Charging.” Don’t fret; the iPad is probably still charging, but it isn’t getting enough juice to display the lightning bolt that indicates it is charging. However, it charges slowly.
If you must charge using a PC, don’t use the iPad while it is charging. This can result in the iPad not charging or losing more power than it is gaining. The best solution is to plug the iPad into a power outlet using the adapter that came with the iPad.

A Software Crash Might Cause Your iPad to Charge Slow

The first thing to consider when your iPad is charging slower than usual is whether there has been some type of software crash. Restarting it is what makes the most sense if that is the case. To do so, press and hold the Power button. After a few seconds, a slider will show up on the display that says “Slide to Power Off.” Slide it to the right, and the device will turn off. After waiting a few seconds, press and hold the Power button again. The iPad will start back up again, and now you can try charging it to see if you get a better result.

Try a Different Charging Cable if Your iPad Still Charges Slow

The next thing for you to try is to get a different charging cable and attempt to use it with your iPad. Your original cable might be old and worn out, or it might have sustained some damage at some point. If you look at the cable and you see any sort of fraying or other external damage, then that’s a dead giveaway as to what’s going on.
You might try borrowing another USB cable from someone else you know who has an iPad, or you could buy one online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Just be sure that you get yourself an Apple-approved cable. If you get a third-party one, then you might be able to save some money, but there is also no guarantee that it’s going to work as it’s supposed to.
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Use the Adapter That Came With Your iPad

Not all power adapters are equal. The smaller iPhone adapter can supply the iPad with only half the power of the iPad adapter. If you have an iPad Pro, the iPhone charger takes even longer to bring it up to 100 percent.
While the iPad still charges with an iPhone adapter, it is a much slower process. Look for markings on the charger that read “10w,” “12w,” or “24w.” These have enough juice to power up an iPad quickly. The 5-watt adapter that comes with the iPhone is a small charger that does not have markings on the side.
Want to charge your iPhone more quicker? The reverse is also true. An iPhone charges faster using an iPad’s AC adapter.

Speed Up the iPad Charging with a Different Outlet

You could try getting a faster charge from a different outlet in your home. Try different outlets in the same room, in separate rooms, or even on different floors. You could also try plugging the iPad into a laptop or PC and see if it charges any faster there. You could try charging it in your vehicle as well to see if that produces the results you want.

Your iPad Charging Slow Might be Due to a Clogged Port

Next, take a look at your charging port and see if there is anything clogging it. There might be food crumbs, dirt, dust, or some sort of other grime. That is particularly prone to happen if you have been carrying your iPad in a purse, book bag, or some other receptacle where it hasn’t been adequately protected.
If you can’t tell whether there is anything in the charging port, use a flashlight to get a better look in there. You can use an unused toothbrush to gently clean out any debris that you find. Be sure not to use any kind of cleaning solvent. They could damage the device further, and doing so will also void your warranty.
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