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How to Fix it When Netgear Router is not Connecting to the Internet


Netgear Router is a well-designed device with precision and built with next-generation technology. As a result, this device is one of the most popularly known network devices. However, if you’re using this device for your home network or office network, Netgear is among the best choice for so many users.

Anyways, there are situations whereby you will notice your device is not connecting to the Internet. If you don’t know how to troubleshoot next-gen technology, you could find this frustrating. This article explains how to resolve if your Netgear Router is not connecting to the internet.

How to Fix it When Netgear Router is not Connecting to the Internet

Below, we will highlight several methods to troubleshoot the Netgear router not connecting to the internet problem. Follow each method accordingly and learn the method to fix the error.

Method One: Restart The Network

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To perform a restart, follow the below steps:

  • First, unplug all connected cables attached to your computer and the router.
  • Now, disconnect the power adapter from the wall socket and wait 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then, Reconnect all the cables to the positioned slots and switch on the router.
  • Once the light in your Netgear starts blinking, try to test the Internet again.

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Method Two: Upgrade Your Router’s Firmware

Updated software can also be the cause of this problem. We recommend updating your router’s firmware because an updated one can run into glitches. Search for your model on the Netgear website to find the most up-to-date firmware.

Method Three: Replace the Antenna

All routers use an antenna, whether internal or external antenna. Double-check if your antenna is defective. Try to search online for a replacement.

Method Four: Change the Wi-Fi Channel

Those who notice their Internet is sluggishly loading could be because your router could be assigning too many devices to one single channel. However, you can fix that by splitting those devices into two different channels and choosing the best wireless channel for each device.

Method Five: Change Your Router’s IP address

Sometimes, your default IP address has been changed to another address. Try to change it back to the default address and browse the Internet again.

Method Six: Reset Your Router

Whenever you reset your router, it restores the device to its original state when you first buy and install it. This can get rid of any possible errors or glitches that might be affecting your router not to connect to the Internet.

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