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iPhone XS Stuck On Apple logo? Fix Now!

In this article, I'll explain why your iPhone XS / XS Max is stuck on the Apple logo and how to fix the issue for good! Click to read more.

Daniel Barrett
May 29, 20221721 Shares245809 Views
A frozen or stuck screen may indicate that your iPhoneXS Max is experiencing some major system issue. This may be caused by some corrupted system files and applications, software bugs and bad updates. Advanced troubleshooting procedures are often needed to fix this type of problem as they often affect the core system functions of your iPhone. In this article, I’ll explain why your iPhone XS is stuck on the Apple logo and how to fix the issue for good!
Since there’s no way to know right away what causes a system to get stuck, the troubleshooting steps below are meant to follow a logical progression to eliminate factors one by one.

Force Restart Your iPhone XS

As the name implies, it forces the phone to shutdown and restart. Performing a forced restart is an alternative way to reboot or soft reset a frozen iPhone. Just like a soft reset, performing a forced restart clears out various types of software errors that might have caused your iPhone to freeze on the Apple logo. And like a soft reset, a forced restart also doesn’t delete any personal information from your iPhone storage.
This step is meant to see if your iPhone has simply become unresponsive or frozen.
To force restart your iPhone XS:
  • Press and quickly release the Volume up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume down button.
Note:Make sure that steps 1 and 2 are done in quick succession.Then, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Some devices may complete the process after 30 seconds.

Factory Reset Your iPhone XS

This will wipe everything that is saved on your phone and restore it back to default factory settings. This is needed if basic troubleshooting steps did not fix a software-related issue. Make sure to back up important files’ prior performing the steps below:
  • Using the supplied USB Cable or lightning cable, plug in your iPhone XS to your computer’s USB port.
  • Open iTunes on your computer and make sure you’re using the latest iTunes version.
  • Once your iPhone is recognized in iTunes, click the iPhone XS icon on the left side of iTunes menu.
  • Then click the Restore Button. You can also Back Up your important files from the iPhone to your computer’s hard drive.
  • When prompted with iTunes to Restore the iPhone and wipe all data and settings, click the Restore button to proceed.
  • The iTunes will erase your settings and contents then download and restore the software on your iPhone.
  • Once done, select the option to Set up as a New iPhone and follow initial set up to complete the process.
  • Keep your iPhone connected to your computer until the whole process is completed.
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Restore your iPhone XS In Recovery Mode

If the issue is complex and cannot be solved with the second solution, Recovery mode is your next advanced option. To start Recovery mode, connect your iPhone XS to your computer via USB/Lightning cable then open iTunes. Once connected, perform a force restart on your iPhone and follow these steps to enter recovery mode:
  • Press and release the Volume Up button quickly.
  • Press and release the Volume Down button quickly.
  • Press and hold the Side/Power button until you see the Connect iTunes on the screen. Do not release the button if you see the Apple logo as you need to put your phone on recovery state.
  • Wait for iTunes to prompt a message saying that the iPhone is recognized in recovery mode and will ask you to Update or Restore. Select Restore option to delete all existing data from your phone and then install the latest iOS version.
  • If you don’t want iTunes to wipe out data on your phone but want to reinstall iOS, choose Update.
If performing recovery mode is successful, you can set up and configure your iPhone settings as new through iTunes. Otherwise, you can exit recovery mode and perform the next solution.

iPhone XS Stuck on Apple Logo? DFU Restore

Performing a DFU Mode Restore may be necessary if nothing has changed at this point. This troubleshooting step will restore all firmware to their default state so if the problem is due to bad programming changes, this might help. These are the steps to do a DFU Mode Restore:
  • Connect your iPhone XS to your computer using the USB or Lightning cable that comes with it.
  • Open iTunes on your computer.
  • Turn off your iPhone XS as you normally do. In iOS 11, you can turn off your iPhone by going to Settings-> General-> Shut Down menu-> then toggle the slider to the right. Doing so turns off the iPhone.
  • Press and hold the Side button (Power button) for 3 seconds. Then, press and hold the Volume Down button while still holding down the Side button. Keep holding both buttons for 10 seconds.
  • If the Apple logo appears, it means that you have held the buttons for too long. If this happens, you need to go back from the very start. Otherwise, skip to the next step.
  • Release the Side button but keep holding down the Volume Down button for about 5 seconds more.
  • If you are prompted with the Plug into iTunes screen, it means that you have entered Recovery Mode instead. So you’ll need to go back to the very first step and make sure you’re not holding the buttons for so long.
  • If your iPhone XS screen remains black, that means your device has successfully entered DFU mode. iTunes will then prompt you with an alert message saying that it has detected your iPhone and will allow it to be restored. Follow the onscreen instructions to restore your iPhone XS in iTunes.

Contact Apple support

If both solutions above won’t fix the problem at all, there must be a deeper reason why the system has stalled.
In many cases, DFU Restore should fix whatever potential firmware issue that might be preventing iOS from loading up normally. If that won’t work though, there’s either a more serious kernel-level bug or issue behind it, or your phone has suffered a bad hardwaremalfunction.
Because Apple devices are intentionally designed for security, there’s not much hack that we can do to check on deeper software troubles. So, even if the problem is software-related, the most that any user can do is to perform a DFU Restore. By getting help from Apple, you are guaranteed to have a working device through repair or replacement.
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