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How To Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone 7

In this article, we will be explaining how to wirelessly charge your iPhone 7.

Apple’s line of gadgets is always bound to have new and exciting features. For this article, we will be talking about the charging features of Apple. In this article, we will be explaining how to charge your iPhone 7 wirelessly.

Firstly, the iPhone 8 was the first to support wireless charging. This has been hoped for in past phones.

That now encompasses the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, so Apple is going big on wireless charging.

However, there are still clouds that need to be cleared. For example, you can’t just buy a charging pad for your iPhone and have it charge without wires. Other factors weigh in.

Nevertheless, there is a way to make your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus wirelessly charge just like an iPhone 8, and all you need are a couple of accessories that you can order pretty cheaply right this second.

Wireless charging cases for iPhone 7 & 7

How To Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone 7

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If you prefer wireless charging, you could try the aircharge. Aircharge is a Lightning Wireless Charging receiver. All you need to do is connect it to your iphone via the Lightning port. This would then begin to charge when placed on a charging pad.

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus wireless charging pads & stands

Once you’ve had your charging adapter installed, all you need is a Qi wireless charging pad.

One of our favorites is the Slim 10W Fast Wireless Charging Pad from Olixar. Thanks to its sleek modern styling and super-fast charging speeds. Once you start charging wirelessly, we’re sure that you’ll unequivocally love the convenience it brings. You may want to consider some other options with Wireless Charging Car Holders. Even Wireless Charging Power Banks are an option.

Know your standards: Qi and PMA

How To Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone 7

Apple AirPower uses a custom version of Qi (pronounced “chee”). So do most of the popular wireless charge pads. However, one of the longest-standing players in wireless charging, Powermat, uses PMA.

You can think of PMA and Qi as VHS vs. BetaMax or Blu-ray vs. HD DVD. They’re competing standards that strive to achieve a common goal.

If you’re thinking of buying a more affordable wireless charging case for your iPhone 7 that supports just a single standard, we’d strongly recommend getting on board with Qi rather than PMA.

While Starbucks uses PMA chargers in some of its stores (in the US), it is starting to adopt Qi because of Apple’s use of the standard in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

If you want something cheaper than the Mophie Charge Force, you’ll find affordable Qi pad options online from companies like YooTech and Antye. The Antye Qi receiver case is around half the price of the Mophie alternative.

Even receivers leave out the case part, just attaching a 0.5mm thick panel to the back of your phone that connects to your iPhone 7’s Lightning port. It’s not the slickest look, but it minimizes bulk, and most should work through a thin case.

For the ultimate wireless charging solution, look for a case with a battery built-in. Once again, Mophie offers a great solution with the Juice Pack Air.

It’ll charge your iPhone’s battery wirelessly first before charging up the extra 2,525mAh battery in the case, which provides up to 27 hours of extra use. The only downside is that a wireless battery case will be bulkier than a plain receiver one.

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Economic and lifestyle buys

How To Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone 7

There are cheaper options too. The Anker PowerTouch 5W charge pad is one. The downside is that it charges slowly, but it gets the job done eventually.

It has a tough, rubbery surface on which you leave your phone. And a rubber ring underneath for stability and a neat carbon fiber effect on the sides.

Some of the best wireless chargers don’t come from a tech company either. IKEA makes them. For $11.99/£10 (around AU$15), you can buy a basic Rallen wireless pad. Additionally, there are lamps and a bedside table with the tech built-in.

IKEA also produces a range of iPhone wireless charge cases called VitaHult. However, it only makes them for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6, not the iPhone 7.

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