Saturday, June 25, 2022
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How to Turn Your PC Into a Router

In this article, we will be walking you through on how to turn your PC into a router.

It’s effortless to connect your PC to a router, but you don’t know how to turn your PC into a router. Setting up a laptop as a router can be done using an app that can do it all for you or make your way around the operating system to set it manually.

Most modern laptops already have internal wireless network adapters and even some desktops. If you have an older laptop with no Wi-Fi capabilities, you’ll need to buy a wireless network card or a USB network adapter (this works for both laptops and desktops).

How Do You Turn Your PC Into a Router?

Make sure your PC is connected to inter via Ethernet or Wi-Fi card. Here’s how to get it done quickly:

  • First, connect your Ethernet adapter to the internet source.
  • Next, locate the Windows Start menu and type “Settings” into the search bar.
  • Now, select the Settings app and select Network & Internet in the Settings Windows.
  • Next, click Mobile hotspot from the left navigation pane. 
  • This will open settings to enable a Wi-Fi hotspot from your computer.

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