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How to scan and fax from your iPhone

Follow these simple steps to scan and fax from your iPhone

How to scan and fax from your iPhone

Many users are unaware of how easy it is to send a fax message from an iPhone. Follow these simple steps to perform this sometimes critical task.

We’ve likely all been there: You need to send a quick one- or two-page document to someone insisting the message arrive via fax, yet you no longer have access to a fax machine, and you may have let a fax-to-email service subscription expire. Thankfully, it’s easy to send a fax using just an iPhone. Here’s how.

Send fax using Scannable

Scannable is a free app provided by Evernote. Scannable is smart in how it grabs documents. It easily finds the natural edges of a page. You can capture a bunch of pages in a row, and either upload them to Evernote or send them to another application.

This app lets you turn a flashlight on and off to get better images in less-than-ideal environments. It also de-warps documents (at least a bit), so if you take a picture of a document from an off-angle, Scannable does its best to square up the corners and present a clean image.

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Send fax using Fax from iPhone

First, download a faxing app called Fax from iPhone, the app has over 11,000 ratings, most of which are five-star reviews.

Second, purchase credits. Expect to pay about $0.40 to $0.80 a page, depending upon how many credits you’re willing to purchase upfront. Fax from iPhone, for example, offers 250 credits for $9.99, 100 credits for $5.99, or 50 credits for $3.99. A single page costs 10 credits to send.

Using the credits method, payment is processed using your Apple iTunes account. As far as total expense, faxing a page or two approximates the cost of a stamp, but faxing is much easier than having to find an envelope, address the envelope, purchase a stamp, put the stamp on the envelope, find a mailbox, mail the envelope, and then wait two or three days for the message to arrive. Thus, even though faxing has largely been replaced by email, secure online file-sharing, and encrypted email, faxing still has its place in many businesses.

Third, scan your document, if necessary. For example, use Notes to scan the document page or pages you need to send. Then transfer the note to iCloud by saving the note to Files and selecting iCloud.

You can also import the document using Fax from iPhone from other apps that support the iOS Open In feature. To import a document from an app that supports the Open In feature, follow these steps.

  • Open the app containing the document you wish to fax.
  • Select the document you wish to fax.
  • Tap the Open In button.
  • Select the Fax app.
  • The Fax app will import the document.

Fourth, to send the fax, follow these steps.

  • Open the Fax app.
  • Click the blue Add Image Or Document button.
  • Enter the fax number to which the fax should be sent in the Send To field.
  • Tap the Send button.

While you likely don’t want to use the app to scan and send faxes for lots of pages, the app is an easy and low-cost method of forwarding those one- and two-page agreements and files that I seem to encounter a half-dozen times a year and for which faxing from an iPhone excels.

Send fax using eFax

For faxing, you can use a service called eFax. These folks aren’t cheap, with plans starting at $16.95 a month. The benefit of eFax is you get (or can port) a fax number, so you can both send and receive faxes. There’s also a cloud interface that stores your faxes. This allows you to give out a fax number so that I can get critical documents from organizations that are stuck in the 1990s.

eFax also includes a share extension, so you can fax from almost all iOS apps that support sharing. This makes it easy to fax a document from almost all of my apps.

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