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How To Easily Control iPhone From PC

This article lists some fantastic programs to control your iOS device from your PC

Recently, many users have been looking for ways to access and control the iPhone from a PC. Nowadays, technology is so advanced that you can efficiently perform any task even if you are not in front of your PC. Sometimes you may also have to perform your task on the PC and manage your iPhone simultaneously.

Also, it was reported back in January that Dell was working on a feature that would allow you to control your iPhone from one of the company’s Windows PCs, and that ability is now available.

So, In that case, you need a proper tool to help you control your iPhone from your PC. iPhone also has some great and powerful features, including applications that will help you control your iPhone from a PC.

However, these applications require you to jailbreak your iOS device, which could be frustrating.

This article lists some fantastic programs to control your iOS device from your PC.

Easy Ways to Control your iPhone from a PC

Control your iPhone from a PC with AirServer

AirServer will be the best option for you if you want to control your iPhone from your MAC. AirServer is an application that allows you to act your MAC as an AirPlay receiver by which you can get a mirror screen of your iPhone on your Mac.

This application does not need any wired connection to help you control your iPhone from Mac. It also allows users to adjust the resolution of the mirror screen (From 720p to 1080p) based on the connected device.

Below is a step-by-step guide to setup AirServer to control your iPhone from Mac:

  • Click here to Download and Install AirServer.
  • Once AirServer has been downloaded on your Mac, install the application according to the instructions.
  • Finally, connect your iPhone to the same wireless network as the Mac.
  • Now Open Control Center. You can Pull up the control center from the bottom of your iPhone, Then tap on the AirPlay Mirroring option.
  • Now choose which Airplay receiver you would like to mirror your iPhone screen from the given list.
  • Once your iPhone is connected to the Mac. Then you can start streaming content from the AirPlay-enable app to AirSever.
  • Just click on the mirroring switch (Turn that switch green). Now you have enabled the iPhone screen, and It will be displayed on your MAC.
  • Finally, now you can control your iPhone from your PC. You can also resize your iPhone screen according to your needs and perform any task from your Mac.

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Control your iPhone using Dell Computer

If you’re an iPhone user with a modern Dell computer, you can now mirror your phone’s screen to your PC and control it using Dell’s Mobile Connect app. Version 3 of the iOS app lets you control your phone using your PC’s keyboard and mouse, and you can also drag and drop photo and video files to transfer them between the two devices. You can also now send SMS messages without needing to keep the iPhone app open in the foreground.

To use Dell’s new app, you’ll need to own a Dell laptop from 2018 or later, and your iPhone needs to be running iOS 11 or above.

Supported Dell laptop ranges include its XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware, and the G Series. Dell says the update will be rolling out gradually over this week.

It’s unclear whether Dell partnered with Apple to make this possible or used AirServer to turn the Dell into an AirPlay device.

Control your iPhone from a PC with ISL Light

Suppose you do not have MAC and are trying to control your iPhone through Windows or Linux PC. Then the ISL Light is the perfect application that can help you perform every task on your iPhone from your PC.

ISL Light is perfect for you if you want to troubleshoot issues from the iPhone and manage massive data and configure the device.

Follow all the steps given below to control your iPhone from a PC:

  • Click here to download the ISL Light on your PC. The app is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, install it and open ISL Light on your PC.
  • First, launch a session, then go to your iPhone and turn on the ISL Light app.
  • Now share the session code with your iPhone to connect it with your PC.
  • After the connection, you’ll get control of your iPhone.

Now you can control your iPhone from your computer. You can also see live screenshots of your iPhone.

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