Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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How To Remove Amazon Assistant Virus

In this article, we will be explaining how to remove Amazon Assistant virus.

Amazon Assistance is a web browser extension designed developed by Amazon to help share the attractive-looking offers and deals on Amazon among the users. However, the application causes many undesirable activities and falls in the PUP category.  In this article, we will be explaining how to remove Amazon Assistant virus.

Furthermore, this tools is available for installation on App Store, Play Store and Amazon official website. While installing, the application may come with bundled with several other programs and force unwanted changes on your browser apps. 

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Assistant Virus 

Is Amazon Assistant a virus? Technically, it’s not. Amazon Assistant is a legitimate browser extension designed to improve the shopping experience by providing the best offers from Amazon.

How To Remove Amazon Assistant virus From Your Computer System

There are several steps to removing the Amazon Assistant virus from your PC. First of all, you need to delete any suspicious apps downloaded just before you noticed the malware. Then it’s time to remove the malicious extension from your web browsers. Here’s how to get it done: 

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1. Via Windows XP:

  • On your Windows click on Start button.
  • Choose Control Panel and selected Programs and Features.
  • Click Add/Remove Program.

2. Via Windows 8 And 10:

  • Right click the lower left corner of your computer screen.
  • You’ll notice the Quick Access Menu appear, just choose Control Panel and Uninstall the Program.

How To Remove Amazon Assistant virus From Your Computer System

To remove Amazon Assistant from your Mac OS X system device, follow the steps below to get it done

1. Via Amazon Assistant Application:

  • Click on Go button situated at the top left corner of your screen on your Mac OS X PC and then select Application.
  • Wait a moment for the Applications folder to show up and now check for Amazon Assistance program or other suspicious program.
  • Right click on the entries to choose move to Trash option.
  • Once you’ve push the Move to Trash option, you’ll notice those programs has been disappeared.

2. ClranMyMac X Software 

This is one of the best option we have for you today, a it’s notarized by Apple. However, follow the below steps to learn how to get it done: 

  • Download and install CleanMyMac X (at no cost at all).
  • Launch it and select Malware Removal on the left-side panel.
  • Press Scan.

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How To Remove Amazon Assistant virus From All Your Browsers

1. Safari Browser 

  • Open your Safari browser.
  • Now , go to the Safari Menu Preferences at the top of the screen.
  • Select the Extension tap and check for the suspicious one.
  • Once located, click on it and push Uninstall.

2. Chrome Browser 

  • Launch Chrome and paste ‘chrome://extensions’ to the address bar.
  • Then, navigate to the list of the Malicious extension and choose Remove next to it.

3. Mozilla Firefox

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and push the Menu Button.
  • Choose Add-on > Extensions.
  • Now, try to locate Amazon Assistant at the Manage Your Extensions section.
  • Click on it and then click on the three-dot menu and press Remove

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