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How to Permanently Delete a Blizzard Account

If you'd like to delete your account, you have to contact Blizzard customer services. Click to read full article.

Author:Daniel BarrettAug 11, 202240494 Shares899864 Views
How to Permanently Delete a Blizzard Account– Blizzard Entertainment created or owned several video game classics from the past couple of decades. These include the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo series. One important group of products is Blizzard’s subscription-based games. Instead of purchasing a license for the game outright, you pay a monthly fee to play online.
Blizzard’s decision to ban Hearthstone pro Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai has been heavily criticized. Fans of Hearthstone, Overwatch and WoW, are expressing their disappointment on social mediaand even encouraging others to boycott Blizzard. And some fans are simply deleting their Blizzard Accounts.
Blitzchung was suspended from Hearthstone competitions yesterday after supporting Hong Kong protests in a post-game interview. Blizzard cited this as a violation of company policy, banning him from tournaments for one year and making him forfeit his Grandmasters prize money. Since then, fans have started their protest against Blizzard, leading some people to delete their Blizzard accounts.
Players can’t just close their account, however. Instead, they have to submit a request through Blizzard to close their account for them. Blizzard’s website says it could take up to 30 days to process these requests. However, with the sudden influx of account deletion requests, this will probably take longer now.

How to Delete Your Blizzard Account

Blizzard refers to the process of deletion by saying you can “delete all personal information” from your account. This accomplishes the goal of deletion, even if it’s called something else.
Such a request deletes your name, payment methods, and security and contact information. These items tend to be the most important things to remove from a canceled account anyway.
If you’d like to delete your account, you have to contact Blizzard customer services; you can’t disable the account on your own. However, you can contact Blizzard in several ways.

Step 1

Compose an email from the email address account you use to sign in to your account. Explain that you’d like to delete your account permanently. Write “Delete account” in the subject line. Send the email to

Step 2

File a ticket through Blizzard’s online support. Select “I have an issue with my account” in Step 1, then “I want to change something in my account” in Step 2. In Step 3, explain that you’d like to delete your account. Include your email address in the message. Click “Submit.”

Step 3

Call Blizzard’s account services department at 800-592-5499 to make your request by phone.
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