The Best Games Like Diablo To Play While Waiting For Diablo 4

In this tutorial, we will highlight the best games like Diablo to play while waiting for Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 isn’t coming soon but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other games. While we wait, we can also branch out to similar games. In this tutorial, we will highlight the best games like Diablo to play while waiting for Diablo 4.

Here, we have made a list of the best games resembling Diablo. These involve leveling up, gearing up and shooting stuff.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Path of Exile

We are just going to simply place Diablo’s best rival as number one. Although, it is slower and more complex, it still is a great game. There is a seemingly endless line of character customization along with heavenly endgame. This could keep you hooked for years. Furthermore, it possesses this grimdark beauty that outclasses Diablo 3.

In addition, Path of Exile’s online-only game feature is a great additive. A great player economy where any rare item you pick up may be of great value to another player. The community is vast, plus, you can have some great fun joining some random players for some missions.

It’s completely free too, except for cosmetic ad-ons.

2. Grim Dawn

The Best Games Like Diablo To Play While Waiting For Diablo 4

The gothic feel of this game is everything. Grim Dawn has this Victorian thang to it unlike any other on this list. In addition, it retains this moreish hack-and -slash loot gameplay loop.

Grim Dawn is for those who have grown tired of Diablo 3’s infinite scaling and relative ease. This is a harder game, with a tougher grind that’s eventually more rewarding for those seeking a challenge. The class system is interesting too – Inquisitors? Occultists? Combine the two to get a Deceiver? Color us fascinated.

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3. Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 was developed by a studio of Diablo, so a lot is expected and a lot is met. This is a kind of basis of what instigated Diablo’s greatness. This game deviates from Diablo’s dark theming and adopts a fantasy style. Its combat is quite simple combined with its diverse characters.

Lastly, Torchlight 2 isn’t as deep, gruelling or complex as some of the entries on this list. It’s more like an old-fashioned Diablo with pretty colors than a trailblazing ARPG. And yes, there is a Torchlight 3. But this improves so little over its predecessor that it doesn’t validate the ridiculous higher price tag. It’s surely an itch scratcher

4. Victor Vran

The Best Games Like Diablo To Play While Waiting For Diablo 4

In Victor Vran, your avatar titular demon hunter. The goal is to complete quests on vanquishing evil. furthermore, abilities, weapons and skills are also customizable. Plus, everything is viewed from an isometric, top-down perspective. Therefore, as a veteran of older RPG games, you should have absolutely no problems adapting to Victor Vran.

This is not to say it’s on the same grade as Diablo, but it’s worth it. There are limitations in the game. But this helps those who want something accessible with a grim aesthetic.
Lastly, it’s also been updated a few times with DLC that add in new attacks, new weapons, and even new maps.

5. Borderland Series

Firstly, Borderland series features loot hoarding minions, classes and rarity tiers. These are all Diablo-like. Additionally, it has a bright, brash and colorful theme with a switch to from swords to shooting.

However, if you love nothing more than seeing a golden pillar of light bouncing out of a dead minion then you owe it to yourself to at least give Borderlands a go.

6. Book Of Demons

The Best Games Like Diablo To Play While Waiting For Diablo 4

Book of Demons probably has perhaps the most gorgeous on this list. It’s all intended to look like a pop-up book. The kind you’d come across when you were younger. But it also deserves some applauses for twisting diablo’s hack-and-slash gameplay into a deck-building hybrid.

The combat is simple, only needing you to play cards rather than mastering your hotkey bar. Things get more intricate when you have to manage special abilities and develop your character over countless dungeon runs. It’s a lot of fun, and there are actually two other games set in this world that are in development too.

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7. Warhammer: Vermintide II

This is a different ball-game entirely. In this game, you fight through hordes of Skaven in liquid-smooth FPS combat. There is this intense, adrenaline-releasing feel in the combat.
Vermintide 2 is visceral and gory. Plus, its roster of five distinct heroes battling evil in a grimdark world pretty much echoes the classic Diablo setup.

Vermintide 2 is often compared to Left 4 Dead. But that doesn’t do justice to its satisfying levelling system, loot variety and other tidbits of RPG depth. If you find Diablo a bit wanting in the skill department, then this will give you the extra challenge you crave.

8. Children of Morta

The Best Games Like Diablo To Play While Waiting For Diablo 4

Combines roguish elements with hack-and-slash dungeon crawling. Children of Morta is a beautiful pixel-art game narratig the story of a family of gifted warriors taking on a fast-spreading evil. You’ll die here more in one evening than you would in an entire Diablo 3 run on normal difficulty. But each time you do, you get a little more story and resources to level up your characters. The story gets you on if you are the inquisitive type.

Like Diablo, Morta has a fixed set of heroes for you to select from. b ut encourages you to use all the characters on a single run, which is actually something Blizzard’s series could learn from. It’s a wonderful game to play in couch co-op too.

9. Titan Quest

best Games Like Diablo 4

Ancient Greek mythology is rapidly becoming the most well-trodden fictional-historical setting in video games. Titan Quest puts it through the loot-em-up meat mincer to great effect. It’s a stylish setting, where you rip apart hydras, cyclops and satyrs just like you did Diablo’s demonic legions.

Titan Quest is pretty ancient now, but 2016’s Anniversary Edition smooths out the rough edges and gives those gleaming weapons and ambery hue of Greece’s arid countryside a nice warm glow. It’s pretty simplistic as ARPGs go, but the theme and presentation make it a treat to tear through.

10. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor -Martyr

The Best Games Like Diablo To Play While Waiting For Diablo 4
best Games Like Diablo 4

The second Warhammer game on our list. Set in the 40k universe, it features heavy guns and chainsaws. It bares more resemblance to Diablo. There is a standalone prophecy expansion, which is worth looking forward to.

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