The 20 Best Two-player Board Games In 2021

In our article today, we bring to you 20 of the best Two-player board games you can indulge in with your loved ones.

Spending time with loved ones has a lot of positivity to it. This can be further enhanced when you engage in fun and exciting games. In our article today, we bring to you 20 of the best Two-player board games you can indulge in with your loved ones.

If you are a person who thrives on multiplayer cooperation, competition, and more, board games can be a great pastime to pick up.

Here Are Best Two-player Board Games In 2021

1. Star Realms

Image Credit: Dicebreaker

A flexible deckbuilding game set in a sci-fi world

The sole aim of this game is to knock your opponent down to zero. Players build decks of battered ships and then use them to buy better ships from four factions. These ships are not only more powerful, but they can also have faction bonuses allowing you to create massive combos when used together.

The beauty of the game comes from modifying and evolving your own deck to smash the one your opponent is crafting. (In fact, as well as being one of the best two-player board games around, it’s also one of the best expandable card games out there too.

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2. Unmatched: Battle of Legends

Best Two-player Board Games Image Credit: Dicebreaker

A game of tactics and heroism where icons of fiction wage war against each other. Catchy!
Unmatched is a game that compounds icons of culture across the world and pits them in a deadly battle royale. Icons like Alexander the great, Arthur and even Alice in Wonderland, they all are there. Any legendary icon you could think of.
Brazenly, lovably goofy, Unmatched is a turn-based board game all about tactical combat. Using your choice hero and their sidekick to wreak havoc on your opponent. Each hero has their own niche abilities, and there’s even optional expansion packs that include more heroes to pick from. Bigfoot vs. Sherlock Holmes, anybody?

3. Santorini

Image Credit: Dicebreaker

A city-building game with easy but engaging gameplay

You see that ‘2-4’ on the game box? Go ahead and scratch off the ‘-4’. Santorini is an incredible and absolutely gorgeous two-player board game and a true exemplar of ‘easy to learn, difficult to master’. You have two workers; each turn you choose one to move one space and then build a bit of tower.

If you can find your way on top of a three-tall tower then you win the game. Sounds simple, but add in an opponent who is actively trying to block you by building towers too tall and you have an impeccable abstract game. Even if you somehow tire of the gameplay then you can add in unique player powers to keep things fresh.

4. Fog of Love

The 20 Best Two-player Board Games In 2021
Best Two-player Board Games Image Credit: Dicebreaker

Fan of romance? Well, here’s your forte. In Fog of Love, you get to experience building a relationship, exploring together, chat about dreams. Heck, even arguments are present. Everything about the realistic relationship feels.

Fog of Love shapes the lines between board game and roleplaying game in the most elegant way. Just like real relationships there isn’t a clear victory condition at the start of the game. As the relationship develops you discover what you want. Could be a loving, supportive relationship or a clean exit. Sometimes not everyone gets to be happy.

5. Pandemic

Image Credit: GameDesigning

This is a board game staple these days. Pandemic has you and your friends up against a deadly disease threatening the human race. If you are geared towards more cooperative games like Left 4 Dead and Payday, this is the board game for you.

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You work together with your friends and try to stop the spread of an obstinate disease. It can get wild, as the disease can evolve and spread incredibly quick. It could take up to an hour or so to play, but that hour will fly by as you try to save the world.

Expansions for the game have been released, including one where the world fell to a virus, and now you have to survive th asteland.

6. Gloomhaven

Best Two-player Board Games Image Credit: GameDesigning

For the RPG fans. You take on the role of a lone adventurer, a drifter who inhabits this ever-changing world with companions.

You engage in clearing dungeons, fighting enemies and more. This game can be repeated multiple times as the playthrough is never the same. You can even play it solo.

This is the perfect game for a group of friends, or just two, to sit down and enjoy. It was the 2018 SXSW Tabletop Game of the Year Winner, no small feat! Many board game players have this consistently at the top of their lists.

7. 7 Wonders: Duel

The 20 Best Two-player Board Games In 2021
Image Credit: GameDesigning

Fans of games like Civilization will be in love with this historical battle game.

The goal is to duel against your opponent through cascading their civilization. This can be done in several ways. You need to build wonders throughout your game session, which should last around a half hour or so. Victory conditions can be met through science, culture, and military to name a few.

8. Ticket to Ride

Image Credit: GameDesigning

Stop thinking of The Beatle’s song, cause it’s not.

Ticket to Ride is a competitive game in which your goal is to build railroad tracks across the country. You score points by building through cities and other areas. It will take about a half-hour, so it is an easy game to pick up and play again and again.

It’s really fun to see who can build the lengthiest track, or at least the one who scores enough points. It’s a wild wreck for the iconic Sheldon Cooper character and his fans.

9. Fugitive

Image Credit: Dicebreaker

Cop and criminal, cat and mouse, who is more cunning, who is more…?

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We all have that one friend or family member we’d like to rob blind and/or send to prison for a while. Fugitive gives both sides an opportunity to air their grievances, a head-to-head card game based around finding or escaping the other player. Someone plays the rogue fugitive and the other represents Johnny Law, hot on their trail.

Appropriately enough, the focus here is on trickery and analysis, with the fugitive player using tricks represented by hidden cards. On the other hand, the agent has to guess and anticipate what those cards are. It’s a great game about out-thinking the other player, festered by some superbly atmospheric artwork.

10. Patchwork

Best Two-player Board Games Image Credit: Dicebreaker

Sewing may seem as a boring theme at first but once you give this game a chance, you’ll find gold.

In Patchwork you weave a quilt and you’ll be damned (or darned) if it’s not better than your opponent’s needlework. Each turn you’ll spend a combination of buttons and time to add a Tetris-style quilt piece to your board. The crucial thing here is time. It’s always the turn of the player at the back of the turn order track. Spend too long on intricate stitching and your opponent might get several turns in a row.

11. Moon Base

The 20 Best Two-player Board Games In 2021
Image Credit: Dicebreaker

Here’s to Elon Musk and all other moon enthusiasts. Get ready to dominate the moon.

Moon Base pits two rival corporations in control of the moon via the art of overlapping ring placement. Moon Base is a game of still beauty as you arrange your stellar halos in the craters of the moon before stacking them over each other to create functional buildings.

Each round you will place four rings, but you won’t only be arranging your colour. You’ll have to try and place your opponent’s rings in obdurate positions all while trying to get yours on top. Moon Base is a game with a huge amount of counter-play, with every placement opening up new opportunities to exploit.

12. Keyforge

Image Credit: Dicebreaker

A head-to-head card game where every deck is different

The latest card game from the creator of Magic: The Gathering. Keyforge takes the resolutions of traditional trading card games and turns them on their heads. You can’t build decks and you can’t hunt for rare cards. All you do is buy a sealed, algorithmically-generated deck. Learn how to play Keyforge and play with your unique set of cards.

Each deck comes with an algorithmically-generated card list from three of the various factions. This means that every player in the world has a different combination of cards. It’s impossible to see the same deck twice. Even without the ability to customise your deck, Keyforge’s gameplay has a ton of strategy in it. From knowing when to fight and when to use your creatures to reap for the precious Æmber (pronounced ‘amber’) which you need to win. Each deck will play differently so every time you open a new one you have to adapt how you play.

13. Codenames: Duet

The 20 Best Two-player Board Games In 2021
Image Credit: Dicebreaker

Codenames Duet is personalized for two players working using word association. It’s based on the original board game, Codenames, which has become very popular.

You and another player need to supply other clues in the form of one word to advance the game forward. This goes on until you can guess the names of targets or their ‘code names’ with as few guesses as possible.

This is a great game for bonding with another, as you’ll be working with them and their thought processes.

14. Scythe

Image Credit: GameDesigning

This game, right off the bat, is a very serious and blunt portrayal of war-torn Europe following World War I.

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Players depict different Eastern European teams that have their traits, motives, and resources. Each nation has to build up its arsenal and make their way in a grim landscape.

This game will have you scheming and building, often at the same time. It takes around an hour and a half to two hours and is extremely detailed. You can even build a huge mech!

15. Caper

Image Credit: GameDesigning

This is a card game that blends and matches players’ wits with a murder mystery. The artwork is great, and contrary to what you might think, it only requires 2 players to get a game up and running.

Your goal is to hire a crew for a heist, thieving your way across Europe. The art style is unique and beautiful, leading to a feeling of whimsical mischief. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is a lot of fun.
Kind of like the La Casa de Papel- Money heist.

16. Twilight Struggle: The Cold War, 1945-1989

Image Credit: GameDesigning

Twilight Struggle not Twilight Saga, is a game for history fans. It isn’t light and airy like most party games. It simulates the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Considered a hardcore classic, Twilight Struggle has two players facing off by way of competing spheres of influence through real historical events. You’ll plan coups, covert military actions, and advance the Space Race.

This is a great choice for those board gamers looking for a heavy strategy game or investment of time.

17. Klask

The 20 Best Two-player Board Games In 2021
Image Credit: Dicebreaker

Combination of table football and table hockey to create raw fun.

Klask is the lovechild of air hockey and table football and is just as easy to pick up and play.

Each player possesses a single piece which they control via a magnet underneath the board. Your goal is simply to get the ball into your opponent’s goal to score points. This is made complex by the three magnetic penalty pieces which will cost you a point should you gather two. Not to mention the ever-present risk of falling into your own goal. Bridging the gap between board games and sport, Klask even has its own World Championships.

18. Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game

Image Credit: Dicebreaker

Engaging spaceship shootouts in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars has featured some of the most epic space battles in cinematic history. The X-Wing Miniatures Game puts you right up into the famous cockpits of X-Wings and TIE Fighters.

While the game has impressive depth and a sizeable competitive scene, the base gameplay isn’t too complex. Most importantly, it really captures the feel of a dogfight. Using the curved movement templates, you are constantly trying to outmaneuver your opponent. Get on their six and escape asteroids along the way. You even have to worry about G-forces as certain actions can stress your pilots, limiting their ability to fly.

19. Skulk Hollow

Best Two-player Board Games Image Credit: Dicebreaker

It’s big versus small in this asymmetric showdown

This asymmetric combat game – one of Alex Meehan’s favourite games of 2019 – will immediately resonate with anyone who has seen anime series Attack on Titan. One player controls a band of humanoid fox warriors who defend their lands from the other player: a hulking behemoth of stone and fury that comes in one of four different forms.

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How can the tiny foxes hope to win? By clambering onto the monster and attacking its weak points, slowly wearing it down and cutting off its abilities. But it’s not just a simple case of killing the monster, each creature has a secondary objective for victory should the foxes fail to adequately defend their lands.

20. Raptor

Image Credit: Dicebreaker

Will dinosaurs or human survive in this two-player fight for survival?

Sometimes wild animals don’t know what’s in their best interest. That’s the moral of the story of Raptor, where a group of scientists have located the last living velociraptor and her five children. The endangered animals are certain to die out in the wild, so the scientists want to sedate and capture the young creatures to repopulate the species. The raptor player wants to protect their babies and eat people.

In addition, players will play action cards to achieve their goals. Each card has a unique special action, or can produce action points to be used for moving and sedating/mauling. Which you get depends on the card your opponent uses, so predicting your opponent’s actions is vital.

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