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How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned Error On Android And iPhones

In this article, we will be walking through steps to fix SIM not provisioned error on your Android and iPhones.


Sim Not Provisioned Error On Android And iPhones – Getting SIM not provisioned error on your phone when you insert a sim?. In this article, we will be walking through steps to fix SIM not provisioned error on your Android and iPhones.

Do not worry too much, this article will provide a guide for you on how to fix this error, read through this article to know what to do.

Seeing this error means one thing, which means your phone doesn’t recognize the SIM card. 

You will be unable to send or receive voicemails, use cellular data, or execute other activities that require a SIM card.

How Do You Sim Not Provisioned Error?

1. Enable Airplane Mode

Turn on the airplane mode on your phone and wait for few seconds, then turn it off.   

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That will refresh your device’s connection with your cellular carrier and eradicate the error.

2. Restart Your Phone

Rebooting your phone and wait for few seconds, to fix this error.

3. Clean SIM Card And SIM Ports To Resolve The Sim Error

If your phone ceases to detect and activate your SIM card, Eject your phone’s SIM tray and clean both the SIM card and the port(s). 

Don’t forget to switch off your phone and use a soft and dry cloth to clean the gold contact and also the card tray of your SIM card.

Reinsert the SIM card and make sure it’s properly fitted on the SIM tray and inserted correctly in the port.

4. Try Another Port Or Phone

Switch the affected SIM card to a different SIM slot on your phone and check if that resolves the problem.

If the error continues, insert the SIM card on another smartphone to check if it works. 

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5. Install Carrier Settings Updates To Fix The Sim Error

Note: Installing carrier settings updates requires a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

  • Install Carrier Settings Update on iPhone
  • Go to Settings  
  • General 
  • Tap on About and Check for an option to update carrier settings. 
  • If this option is not available on the page, it means your iPhone has the latest carrier settings.
  • Install Carrier Settings Update on Android
  • Navigate to Settings 
  • System  
  • Advanced 
  • System update.

check if your phone has a dedicated Carrier Settings page, If you don’t find a carrier settings update on both pages, 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Cellular network 
  • Carrier settings. 

if you can’t find an option to update it manually on your phone, it’s possible that your phone has the latest carrier settings installed 

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6. Update Carrier Services App (For Android)

  • Go to Settings and choose Apps & notifications.
  • Select To See All Apps.
  • Tap the three-dots menu icon at the top-right corner of the page and select Show system.

Scroll through the apps and select Carrier Services.

  • Tap the Advanced drop-down option.
  • Scroll to the Store section and select App details.

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It will redirect you to the Carrier Services app page on the Google Play Store.

Tap the Update button to install the latest version of the app on your phone.

If the “SIM not provisioned” error persists after updating the app, proceed to restart your phone and see if that helps.

7. Contact SIM Card Provider to fix the sim error / Get A New Sim

This Should be the last option to consider if none of the solutions mentioned above fix the problem or replace your sim.

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